It’s just sad for the Jets’ Sam Darnold

For three hours Sunday, Sam Darnold did not have to listen or read about Trevor Lawrence.

For three hours on Sunday, Sam Darnold was making a comeback to the team, everyone was certain only three years ago that he would quarterback for the next decade, and be part of the Green and White Sea, and triumphantly from a desert of despair Will lead

He has learned the hard way that when you play for the Jets, there is no oasis.

It ended up being a Bill 18, Jets 10.

And as the Jets take another step on the loom as an informal march to 0-16, white noise about Trevor Lawrence will be hollering around Hurricane Darnold with hurricane force.

If you subscribe to the theory that a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while the Jets will win a game.

Meanwhile, for the remainder of this Kotitian season, Darnold will be twisting in the air, and trying to block the reality that 0-16 means he will be gone with the wind.

(Unless Trevor Lawrence was so worried about seeing Darnold’s offensive line against the Bills that he might think twice about leaving Clemson. But so is Justin Fields).

Darnold had a new play-caller (Dowell Loggains) and a new rogue receiver (Denzel Mims) and a rogue running back who could turn the corner (Lamichle Perrin), and this helped quickly.

But Saad Sam was helpless when winning the game in the fourth quarter, which is when a franchise turned its lone eye to its quarterback to find a way to victory, against all odds.

This Dr. There was an ugly change from Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

“It was just a total objectionable thing,” Darnold said.

It was quite aggressive.

Sam darnold
Sam darnoldCharles Weinzberg / New York Post

Darnold (12-for-23, 120 yards, 2 INTs) finished with a 31.0 quarterback rating. He was 10-for-11 for 107 yards at a time, for crying out loud! you do the math.

His offense in the second half was total yards.

(When they leave Darnold to pass back, they angrily forgive the Jet fans.

It was as if Adam Gesse had reclaimed the play-calling after the intermission.

“I think we’ll just adjust theirs,” Darnold said.

Well, no disrespect, but the False who didn’t change their adjustments won’t miss Bill Walsh, Sean Peyton or Kyle Shahan.

Of course it is much more than this. Either Darnold does not see the field – never seen tight end Chris Herndon open the middle once wide – keeping the ball too long, dodging and disconnected with a bang, or a poor decision and / or poor throw. gives.

It was restless for the Jets 10, Bills 0 and Trevor Trevor crowd. Darnold’s shoulder, which cost him two games, was no problem. Braxton Berrios was fully placed third and 20th between the two defenders from 22 yards on the left before a failed fourth-and-1 run at Buffalo 18 by Perrin.

“I felt like we met in a rhythm,” Darnold said. “In addition to the second quarter business I’ve done, I felt like I played very well in that first half.”

Except that an interception by Dane Jackson, called no less than the practice squad on Saturday, halved to a 10-6 lead with a 13-3 lead.

“Should have proceeded in progress, but tried to force one there … just didn’t work for me,” Darnold said.

A fourth drive was intimidated by an illegal-formation penalty against Mekhi Becton that completed a 14-yard pass to Harndon, and now Darnold had one last chance after 1:56 and Gang Green was forced. A timeout from March 25, a sixth Tyler Bass field goal: sack … a downfield for personal foul against Micah Hyde hit on Breshed Perriman … catch on George fantasy … sack … interception for Jerry Hughes Displaced.

“The defense gave us one last chance for a two-minute drive,” Gesse said, “and we did nothing for it.”

Patrick Mahomes and old friend Le’Van Bell are next. Everyone knows very well that you cannot beat the Mahomes and the Chiefs with a field goal. Josh Allen and Bill showed us that you can beat Sam Darnold and the Jets and hit a field goal.


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