It’s cheaper than renting an entire movie theater

This is even more difficult for theater owners, who typically lose millions in revenue after closing for their busiest season.

but Some theaters have found a lifeline in private screenings, making rentals more accessible and affordable to attract cinephiles beyond the usual birthday-party sets.

“It’s successful, and it’s an important part of our top-line revenue at this point,” the founder of the Alomah Draftshot Tim League told CNN Business, which has specific data sharing declines. “But the reality is that times are tough in the cinema industry … We are looking at this time to apply the vaccine only after the season when the normalcy returns.”

For Almo, a dine-in theater chain with 41 locations across America, pre-pandemic theater renting was a short process: guests had to go back and forth with a private event manager. Now Almo has automated the whole thing, allowing rentals through the website.

Starting at $ 150, consumers can reserve a room in select theaters and choose from a list of old and new movies like “Jurassic Park” and “Tenet”. They can invite more than 30 people – all of whom have to buy their own tickets – and also purchase a minimum of $ 150 food and drink.

Most theater-ranters previously did so for special occasions, “whether it be a PowerPoint presentation or a birthday greeting or a screen greeting,” the league said. “The difference in this Kovid era is we [have] Really streamlined it: You don’t have to do anything special or unique. It is packed for this idea of ​​getting your friends and family together as a group. “

Interest shows at least a few percent of viewers who will find a way to go to the movies during the epidemic, Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst comscore (Scor). Another solution is the drive-in theater, which had a renaissance this summer.

“Where there is a will, there is a way,” he said. “The drive-in has been truly symbolic about people’s love for going to the movies. The same can be said about renting theaters.”

But Dargarbadian is not so sure that renting theaters will remain consumer-friendly after the epidemic, when cinemas need to concentrate on filling rooms as much as possible.

“It is one thing to offer a unique and superior service at bargain prices during exceptional times,” he said. “This is a completely other deal when some sort of normalcy is restored and this type of offering may not be beneficial to the consumer or the theater.

The league beheaded that concept, noting that private screening is currently a “significant” portion of revenue, now a slant.

“We’re not in the revenue game right now, we’re [trying to] Be saved, ”he said.

For now, the league said, it meant “creating a world-class experience to return to theaters”, the league said. “Some people are not comfortable going out these days, but [maybe you] Our friends and family are more comfortable with their bubble … that’s why we made this prasad. “

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On Cinemark (CNK)CEO Mark Zoradi told CNN Business, “Private theater rental, also the world’s third-largest film series in the US” is something that was a small part of our business before Kovid, but now more important.

Depending on the size of the auditorium, CineCom theater pre-Kovid fares can range from $ 250 to $ 500, which included setups, concessions and other considerations.

Now, Cinemark allows guests to rent a theater at all locations, choose a movie, and invite up to 20 people from their closest friends or family. The price depends on which film you choose and which day you want to go. This means that the theater can cost $ 99 or $ 175 to rent.

For Zordi, the draw of private watch parties is giving guests “peace of mind” and a day off during an epidemic.

“It effectively becomes their spacious living room,” he said, “with the best speaker system and vision and sound you can get.”


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