NEXT TO KYLE CLARK – ink! Coffee has become notorious on social media after a message about a signal placed outside its location on Larimer Street was released on Wednesday.

The store confirmed to Next with Kyle Clark that they placed a sign outside their Larimer location and 29th in Five Points that says "Happily gentrifying the neighborhood since 2014!"

Almost half a dozen viewers sent the sign to 9NEWS, with several more sending it to Next as well.

The sign had a second side that was not Published: "Nothing says gentrification like being able to ask for a cut".

Thanks to a series of negative reviews, the company's rating on Facebook has plummeted to 1.6 stars on Facebook, with hundreds of 1-star reviews on Wednesday.

The specific location in Larimer has dozens of users posting the sign with a quick comment and a 1-star review on Yelp; the ranking of Larimer's location has dropped below two stars, while the rest occupies 3+ stars.

Gentrification is a burning problem that affects Denver. It is defined as the process of renovation and improvement of a district to fit the taste of the middle clbad; it is more commonly understood to mean when wealthier people move to a poorer neighborhood and begin to rebuild the area to change their customs and culture

. "The cost of this growth is the displacement of the remaining working clbad of [Denver]"says an article on gentrification in Denver published on

Many argue that it negatively affects the poorest residents forcing them out of their homes, but it is still hotly debated, according to articles by The Atlantic, The New Yorker and Slate.

In response, Next approached to talk to the owner. Keith "Herbie" Herbert came back to us on Facebook, but he just released a statement publicly; He refuses to talk to our own Marshall Zelinger on camera.

Ru Johnson spoke with Zelinger – she shared the photo on Twitter .

"I think it harms the culture of this neighborhood that makes it the reason why this place even wanted to bring their coffee here in the first place," he said.

She works across the street. In a coffee shop.

"This is not a coffee war," he said. "It's not about coffee, it's the culture of a neighborhood that is going through omnipresent changes, and the people who have built this neighborhood have not received the platform to determine the direction of this neighborhood."

[19659021] Sean MacEachen lives nearby. He told Next that he saw the sign on Twitter and wanted to talk to them about it. Despite being open until 6 p.m., he arrived early and found the door closed.

"I saw it and I could not believe it," he told Next. "I was going to come here and ask what they were thinking when they made that sign."

He acknowledged that some people are not bothered by gentrification, but he still wanted to see what the company had to say.

"I'm sure the yuppies love [the sign]," he continued. "But the people who live here do not do it"

¡tinta! He posted the following on Facebook, receiving almost universal teasing for making a whole joke, apologizing for his joke.

Hmmm. We clearly drank too much of our own product and lost sight of what makes our community great. We sincerely apologize for our street sign. Our (bad) joke was never intended to offend our vibrant and diverse community. We should know better. We hope you forgive us.

The company released several more statements about Facebook Messenger to 9NEWS:

We temporarily lost sight of what makes our community great. We are proud to be part of this diverse community, and we apologize unequivocally. We should have known better, and we hope you will forgive us.


We sincerely regret it.

Customers continue to drop negative reviews and loot the company on Facebook:

"It's good to know that your coffee and your sense of humor are equally stinking," wrote user Amy McCulley.

A user just said "white privilege". Another asked if the employees were drunk. Most of the comments and comments had profanity.

The following is the publication (not safe for work):

The NAACP issued a statement regarding the sentencing of the sign Wednesday night. They asked that it be eliminated immediately.

You can read the full statement below:

Attention has been drawn to the sign outside Larimer's location, which announces that his company has been "happily gentrifying" the Larimer community for the past three years. of representatives of NAACP CO MT WY State Conference.

The NAACP advocates for policies that guarantee equal rights for all people. In addition, the NAACP addresses allegations of racism, prejudice and discrimination.

His aforementioned sign has been pointed out as mocking and hurtful to those, especially African-Americans and other POCs, who have been forced to surrender their homes and businesses to make great gentrification efforts in the communities Downtown / Downtown Denver.

As such, we request that this sign be removed immediately and permanently. And we are ready to meet with you so that everyone involved can avoid future damage to the community or your business.

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