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The Tav-benefit analysis was presented by the Ministry of Infrastructure to Palazzo Chigi, to the attention of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the chief Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini.

"The report will be published on the" MIT site ", said Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Danilo Toninelli, explaining that deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini were given.

"Finally, it is possible to start public debate as important, starting from the numbers", and # 39; announcing Toninelli. And it is possible to understand "what it costs us, how many benefits it has, and ideas will not be generated on judgments but on scientific data".

"On the Tav we need to complete what we are starting – Matteo Salvini says – the French is definitely not telling us, but because he is Italian". The analysis work, after weeks of a ballet between League and 5 Stars, does not appear to be clear. "We've designed bills of infrastructural investments in our budget, so that high quality incapacitated would not be represented by" # & # 39; gun & # 39; for general infrastructures, and forward President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte. However, the riots are preparing to battle.



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