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Pallotta: «This is my strongest Rome»

ROME – Victory Hotel, with a large W outside that looks like an incitement to rich clients: you pay $ 350 a night and you will see that business in Texas will be fine. The air is warmer and more windy than expected: it's hot, yes, but you can breathe, surprising even the citizens who did not expect so much grace on July 31st. On the second floor of this skyscraper, placed among many similar in the insignificant center of Dallas, Rome has taken accommodation to play the friendly against Barcelona. And it is here that mid-morning James Pallotta has embraced the team, arriving aboard a Black Suv in the company of the trusty Alex Zecca . White shirt out of the pants, tanning at the highest level, Pallotta began the conversation in front of the entrance with a question: « How did you go to San Diego? ». Then down to speak with warm optimism of the prospects of Rome, on the market and not only, in the season that delivers Cristiano Ronaldo to the Juventus . After all, Victory means victory.

Pallotta, let's recap. Has the anger passed for Malcom?
« Still with Malcom? Come on, nonsense, I already said what I had to say. He was a player that we liked, it was a good deal, but we can go on peacefully without him ".

What is Rome born?
« On paper the strongest of my management . On paper at least. Certainly we have improved with people like Pastore, Marcano, Kluivert, Cristante, all excellent players. In addition, Schick is back, Karsdorp is back, Pellegrini and Ünder have grown a year. And we still have things to do, knowing very well the value of our staff ".

For example, take a right wing.
« Alt, we do not need anyone. And let alone a player in that role. Let's not forget that we already have six attackers in pink. One between Perotti and El Shaarawy can play right. And if necessary, we can also put Schick and even Florenzi in front of us. It 's already happened if I'm not mistaken ».

Read the full interview on the edition of the Corriere dello Sport-Stadio today on newsstands

Roma-Suso, there is the offer

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