no acquisition, 10 billion offer rejected –

Microsoft will not proceed with theacquisition from Discord, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal, which states that the negotiation For the possible process with the interested parties, disrupted, with a withdrawal of the proposal.

According to reports from the financial newspaper, according to “sources close to the matter”, the startup Discord Inc. has stopped dealing with Microsoft having made the decision to test thepublic offer, having detected a concrete interest in this path.

Microsoft appeared to be on the way to acquiring Discord with a $ 10 billion deal that would have made the chat communication platform fully controlled by the house of Redmond, but with new developments this will go towards the end.independence and the public listing of the company.

This is the second multi-million dollar acquisition faded almost to the end for Microsoft, after the TikTok one that seemed to happen, it then jumped to last amid the international chaos caused by the Trump administration’s mobile app ban.

Microsoft Won't Acquire Discord, Despite $ 10 Billion Offer

Microsoft Won’t Acquire Discord, Despite $ 10 Billion Offer

The Redmond house, which is trading at nearly $ 2 trillion on the market, is evidently looking expansions through new large-scale acquisitions, as we have seen recently also with the record of Nuance, made in recent days by the impressive figure of 19.7 billion dollars.

Apparently, Discord will not be part of all this, which has chosen another path to consolidate in the market, remaining independent.

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