Modena, a woman, escapes from the tenth floor with her granddaughter five years old: the two of them died t

He raised a five-year-old son She threw herself into the empty from place to place tenth floor of a building in Largo Montecassino, in an residential area Modena. So the small man died immediately Gabriele and aunt of his sister Silvia Pellicani, a 47-year computer engineer. It happened after 7pm on Sunday 17 March: the woman was alone at home with her nephew. From the first re-generation of researchers, it is likely that it is murder: the interior of the building which is internally closed confirms hypothesis of the voluntary movement but we have not yet identified why she put the woman out of the window of her bedroom.

The reason for the small disappearance of Gabriele was not confirmed Il Resto del Carlinobaby, probably the child parents were given to their grandmother They should not have access to the aunt. A neighbor who noticed the bodies on the ground was called to the police, but when they reached police station and 118 for both, there was nothing left now.

There would be no tickets and letters explaining why they would be found inside the house. The child's parents have supported the belief that the woman has been dismissing herself while she has killed her son. At present there is no confidentiality for the reasons for what might be the hard crisis and murder, even if it keeps out the woman's help with her. even as reported Il Resto del Carlino, parents of the child told the inspectors that his mother had been there recently it was very enclosed and his social life was limitedalso working from home. The procurator fiscal is there Maria Angela Sighicelli who co-ordinates the investigations into the military.

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