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Ministries should warn about the dangers of mobile phones.

The Ministries of Environment, Health and Education, within a maximum period of six months, must adopt an information campaign on the correct use of mobile phones and cordless telephones and on the risks to health and the environment related to their use. inadequate This was decided by the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio, partially accepting an appeal filed by the "Association for the Prevention and Fight against Electrosmog".

The association appealed to the administrative courts to question the inertia maintained by the ministries in relation to a notice of June 28, 2017, designed to promote the adoption of measures aimed at the capillary information of the population, as well as to force the ministries to issue the decree of February 2001 containing the "Framework Law on protection against exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields".

The TAR considered that the request for issuance of the ministerial decree was inadmissible "due to an absolute lack of jurisdiction, highlighting the lack of exercise of regulatory powers." What is different about the failure of the competent ministries to launch an information campaign aimed at the entire population. In the case of judges, as reported in the judgment, of the documents presented to the court, in fact, it seems that as of January 16, 2012, the Ministry of Health stressed that the question of possible risks to the Health derived from the use of mobile phones was constant. attention of the Ministry itself, noting that the Superior Council of Health, in an opinion dated November 15, 2011, indicated that the state of scientific knowledge had not shown any causal link between exposure to radio frequencies and cancer pathologies, but noted that the hypothesis The causal relationship could not be completely excluded in relation to a very intense use of the cell phone and, in any case, it is recommended to keep alive the interest of research and surveillance on the subject.

The tar, said that "despite the considerable amount of time that has elapsed, the announced information campaign has not yet been implemented," he declared that "the obligation of the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education., University and Research, each for its own area of ​​competence, to facilitate the adoption of an information campaign aimed at the entire population, concerning the identification of the correct methods of use of mobile phones (mobile and wireless phones ) and information on health and environmental risks related to the inappropriate use of such devices The aforementioned environmental information and education campaign should be implemented within six months after notification of the sentence "using the means of communication more adequate to guarantee a wide diffusion of the information contained in the same or ».

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