Matteo Salvini, the theft stolen: "I can't take it any more". Destructive story: given to Di Maio and M5s

In official statements Matteo Salvini it is ironic, but when it is released on its own it makes it clear that the energy is Luigi Di Maio The "Holocaust" denounced supporters League"It was too low a stroke to pay money without results." Rather than thinking of finding the Nazis and Venusians, think of working there, "said the Northern League director of the microphones. T

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But in the background Corriere della Sera lets the feelings be well filtered against the attack M5s. "I can't stand bigger, without fighting and no plots – Salvini would have said to his colleagues – if this is the diminutive, the moment will go pretty complex." To support the dissertation the government is leaking the League has been gutted from entrepreneurs. Reflect on the rebellion North-East A useful historical league. and Giancarlo Giorgettihe is always careful and far off, and has been trying to break this irregular government contract.

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