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last extraction of live numbers

Sweepstakes of Superenalotto today: last draw of live numbers

Superenalotto Live Sweepstakes 2019

Sweepstakes of today's Superenalotto.: What are the Winning numbers? The Superenalotto is one of the most beloved prize games for Italians, who hope that each card they play will be among the lucky ones and win a millionaire jackpot. Or be content with the "minor" awards, since a few euros more never hurt. So let's look at the winning numbers that came out of today's SuperEnalotto draw.

Sweepstakes of today's Superenalotto: winning numbers.

Here are the numbers released since the last SuperEnalotto draw. The data will be updated as soon as possible.

Superenalotto: how to play and the probability of winning.

To play SuperEnalotto you have to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 90. Naturally, the jackpot is reserved for those who guess the 6 numbers. In fact, 6 more numbers come out during the draw. 1 wildcard number. The latter will serve to replace one of the 6 exits that have not been played and determines the second highest payment (the one called 5 + 1).

You can also play Superstar number. This is another possibility of victory: you must choose 1 number, always between 1 and 90, and wait for it to be drawn.

The minimum Superenalotto game is 1 euro, while the SuperStar costs 0.50 more cents.

These are the prizes and the odds of winning, as published on the Sisal page.

  • 6: 1 of 622,614,630;
  • 5 + 1: 1 of 103,769,105;
  • 5: 1 of 1,250,230;
  • 4: 1 of 11,907;
  • 3: 1 of 327;
  • two: 1 of 22

Whoever guesses the 6 numbers takes home the Millionaire Jackpot. Who takes the 5 + 1, on average, earns a high number (the second of the game), but not a millionaire. Whoever takes 5 numbers can earn enough (average of 32,000 euros, as reported by Sisal). The 4th gives you the right to a few hundred euros, while the lowest earnings are awarded for 3 and 2 (with the latter, generally, the price of the ticket is reimbursed).

There are 3 extractions per week: Tuesday, Thursday Y Saturday around 8 pm The last allowed play is at 7:30 pm on the day of the draw.

Sweepstakes of today's Superenalotto: the highest profits.

The next victory of SuperEnalotto will certainly enter the top 10 of the highest profits. This record goes back to October 30, 2010, when a system of 70 actions played throughout the country led to an accumulated pool of all winners. 177,729,043.16 euros. The lucky ones brought home 2 and a half million euros each. A very high payment was also on October 27, 2016. With a ticket for only 3 euros, the lucky one took home € 163,538,707. The third highest victory was even more surprising, since it was made with a card of only 2 euros (147,807,299 euros, in Bagnone, municipality of the province of Massa Carrara), and took place on August 22, 2009.




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