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Kimi in the Ferrari box: "Do not fuck me …."

 Kimi Raikkonen on the podium of Melbourne

Kimi Raikkonen on the podium of Melbourne

" Do not fuck me this way! "

The cry of alarm of Kimi Raikkonen played on lap 23 when he had already stopped in the pits (18th passage, first in the leading group) while Vettel was still on track with initial tire train (the stop will arrive on lap 26, below Virtual Safety Car).

In his conversation with Carlo Santi his new track engineer, Kimi exploded. He saw old ghosts, old team games made to put him in trouble (Montecarlo last year is a wound that has not healed on Kimi)

Liberty Media has spread the dialogue with the Ferrari box:

Box: "We need a little more speed Kimi, Seb is turning in 28" 5 while you are on the 28 "7".

Raikkonen : "But he has it stopped or not? "

Box: " Not yet "

Raikkonen :" You told me a while ago that we are in a quiet situation, do not fuck me in this way! ".

But the Ferrari strategy was not designed to fuck Kimi. It was designed to wait for the winning moment. What was not said came by force. Luck (in the form of the erroracci Haas) arrived and Ferrari took advantage of it. But more than fucking Kimi, he fucked Hamilton …

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