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Giuseppina la garibaldina The grandmother of Europe in Montelupo


The grandmother of Italy, from today, also the grandmother of Europe. Giuseppina Projetto, born in 1902, resident of Montelupo Fiorentino, inherited the oldest scepter of the old continent, after the death of Ana Maria Rubio, which took place in Barcelona. La Projetto, born on the island of La Maddalena, in Orzieri, has been living in Tuscany for years, together with her daughter-in-law and her nephews, in the city of ceramics, where she moved with her son who had to move from Sardinia for work reasons.

A story intertwined with that of Italy

The history of the grandmother for intersects with the History of Italy: the grandfather in fact arrives in Sardinia as a result of Giuseppe Garibaldi. As a child she remained an orphan, and together with her four sisters she lived in a boarding school until the age of 21, where she learned how to embroider. To follow his son, Giuseppina came to live in Montelupo, where the young man had found work at the Bitossi Industries and where he later married. But the story of the young Sardinian until just 39 years, when trying to save some tourists in trouble in the sea of ​​Donoratico, lost his life.

The pride of the mayor

Ma Giuseppina remained however in Montelupo, together to his daughter-in-law Giulia, and to grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who consider her an extraordinary grandmother. I am proud of this goal of Giuseppina – says Paolo Masetti, mayor of Montelupo – I am very attached to her, her birthday was my first institutional commitment as Mayor, a very sweet meeting.

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