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Frosinone, delirious statement against ADL: "The crocodile tears the facts of Milan and the buu & # 39; buu … also caused by certain statements"

This is the singular response statement of the Frosinone to Aurelio De Laurentiis, with whom the ciociario club has responded again to the words of the president of Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis: "Ninety years of history, of passion, of love, of tears of blood of sweat" deserve respect, "said the president of Frosinone, Dr. Maurizio Stirpe, in a courteous response to the statements of the" director "of the Naples patron , doctor Aurelio De Laurentiis: "ad adiuvandum" The Frosinone Calcio is worthy of respect En bloc: President, executives, clubs, footballers, staff, fans, employees Let's make it clear to all: the image of Frosinone is reflected. , limpid as water, and the mud of the watch should be banned by this country's decree, more and more cradle of poisons instead of law.Frosinone Calcium deserves respect because it represents the synthesis of a small Italian great miracle: live on head high , with a heart in his hand, among the titans, nudging the field, even at the cost of atrocious suffering, so it can never be an interview published more than a month ago by the ineffable Aurelio De Laurentiis among Los & # 39; fumes from that Liverpool are fatal to the fate of your Naples, to throw free mud over the yellow-blue colors.

A clumsy attempt to talk about bankruptcy, Series C, retrocessions, absence of "appeal", slice of bread. All this is relaunched by a national sports newspaper, for that subtle game of pincers intended to tarnish the image of a Club like Frosinone, which has managed to climb the steps of Italian football with its nails, supported even in difficult times like today. Incalculable affection of his fans. And that is why it annoys more than perhaps today it does not show in the field.

Two examples, above all. What can help even more distracted. Dr. Aurelio De Laurentiis must take, and still is in time to do so, take the appropriate measures and realize, with a simple click on the computer, that Frosinone, as well as for the "appeal", is another part of that small and great Italian miracle in football. An example: a city of 46,000 inhabitants brings 14,500 media spectators to the stadium & # 39; Benito Stirpe & # 39; and has an impressive loyalty. Simple proportion: for the million inhabitants of Naples, 4 São Paulo would be needed on the other.

But there is more. President De Laurentiis, like new Cesare in the Italian virtual football Coliseum, has "turned inside out" and has declared that the money of television rights should be denied to clubs like Frosinone, for him destined to die talking about football. The Frosinone, well, remember, for a single appearance in the Serie A, has been able to look further, investing that money in the construction of a jewel of the stadium that is among the 20 best in the world and a state-of-the-art Sports Center. . Naples, speaking of proportions, with the television rights money could have cost the entire city and inside the 80,000-seat stadiums. So here too a reflection must be made: it is the mindset of the Presidents that makes the difference, instead of the money they receive as a dowry.

We do not advance, because the other sentences about the hundreds of billions of old coins issued by De Laurentiis leave bitterly the time they find. I'm sorry to say it but exude with disdain.

Therefore, we believe that the world of football in Italy does not need gurus or santons. He needs passion and love, he needs normalization, he needs to unravel behavior from above. He needs examples, even of irony, even of ridicule, but never of malice, never disdainful comments. Ugly examples that someone should even censor, who knows. It is no coincidence that the "driver's license", requested for at least 15 years by the president of Frosinone, Dr. Maurizio Stirpe, remains a dead letter. And never like today would it be really necessary to "drive" a Club. Exactly how you need a driver's license to drive a scooter, a car, a boat, an airplane. And for a president who is also useful to calm certain affirmations, certain attitudes. Above all, do not cry again crocodile tears (data from Milan, about the shameful racist & # 39; buu & # 39;), maybe even due to certain behaviors and certain claims. Who never makes a good local football. "

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