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F1 all on Sky is something historic …

 The podium of the GP of Italy, the only one that will be seen on Rai

The podium of the GP of Italy, the only one that will be seen on Rai

There is something about in the announcement that Sky will broadcast the entire Formula 1 World Championship exclusively for 3 years. It has been known for months now. Today it has become official as you can read here on Gazzetta.it

It is a historic day because Rai had broadcast Formula 1 even before it was born on 3 January 1954. The Italian Grand Prix it had been one of the experimental transmissions of the Rai channel that was about to be born. The Formula 1 on Rai had always been in short. Although a bit 'in fits and starts like in the last years of cohabitation with Sky or in the Nineties with Mediaset.

Now only the Italian Grand Prix remains at Rai. While Sky, which already had the whole World Championship, will use the same formula for the four wheels. Live races on Sky and deferred on Tv8 (which from Monza onwards will also have 4 direct). Those who love engines can not do without the subscription. Maybe Sky could propose a subscription SOLO MOTORI to enjoy Formula 1 and MotoGp. Who knows. From passionate hard (and a bit 'part of the cause I confess because I have often been in the studio Sky commenting on the grand prizes) I can not be happy . For Sky, Formula 1 has always been more than the Grand Prix direct. A competition lasted four days. Just as it happened to me when I was an envoy to the GPs. We start with the conferences on Thursday, we end with the post-race analysis by Fabio Tavelli.

But for Formula 1 is it good to finish only on pay TV? For a sport that no longer has the popularity of once and is in pursuit of young viewers, the move to pass everything on payment can be counterproductive. Rai brought Formula 1 into the home of all Italians (in the last few years live only half of the races) and at the end the difference in the auditel data was remarkable . And broadcast 17 races on 21 in deferred is really a torment for the enthusiast who can not afford to pay the subscription … Especially in view of a season that is hopefully positive for Ferrari. On the other hand, if a brodcaster invests more and more on a sport, only by transmitting it in an exclusive way, it can hope to increase subscriptions. With MotoGP (thanks to Valentino, but also to Meda) it seems to have happened. If Ferrari starts well …

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