Does the passenger lose the signal in the tunnel? Bluetooth lamps will be thinking about it

He often happens ▪ go through a tunnel or tunnel a citizen with the dedicated telephone supervisor and found at any time without guidance for sailing as they lost the GPS signal and data connection. Based technology BluetoothHowever, it is already possible to cure this problem.

In recent times, in fact, the MTA – a company that has a & # 39; public transport guidance and some tunnels City of New York City – Name the acceptance of the tools Waze Beacon within the Queens Midtown and Hugh L. Carey tunnels. These machines, battery-operated microcontrollers on tunnel walls, are equipped with technology Eddystone beacon, level to allow them draw information (in this case related to their position in the tunnel) to smartphones or recordings just through the protocol Links (Low Energy).

A & # 39; Waze Beacon (already used in different cities of the world) which allows browsing applications such as Waze to work even without a GPS or data network mark, Stop in pictograms, voice directions and traffic information within tunnels or just out. So, to make the beacon work it's so enough to keep our TV phone Bluetooth.

Waze Beacon Program (part of the program Affiliate Program, THIS to learn more) to enable partners, as home or gallery leaders, to be able to local service for open source, is used by all GPS providers (such as not just Waze). Approximately, to allow the system to work properly, 42 tiles are required for each mile tunnel (1.6 km).

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