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Death of Camilleri, from Fiorello to Saviano: condolences in the network

"Dear lady, I learned with sorrow the sad news of her husband's death." The head of state Sergio mattarella he writes to Rosetta Dello Siesto, wife of Andrea Camilleri, and describes him as "a great modern narrator, endowed with an attractive and original writing". The day of his death, #Camilleri is a trending topic on Twitter. There is no room for anything else on the Ezy online platform. The Senate observes a minute of silence in his memory, Montecitorio gives him a standing ovation (although "some deputies of the League remain stubbornly, sitting and silent", reveals Patrizia Prestipino).

The company of Montalbano blocks the ciak of new episodes for the duel, Erri de luca and the Bran Academy celebrates the use of regional dialect in novels, the CEI remembers the show Conversation about Tiresias: «A lesson in history and memory against human drift. He told the dark night of reason, the ferocity of the Holocaust, entrusting a message of hope to young people, custodians of tomorrow. "Astronaut Luca parmitano from the Kazakh steppe, where he is preparing for his second space mission, he launches into a true declaration of love: "Despite being here in the desert, under this blinding white sun comes the news of the end (and the beginning) From your trip, among a thousand thoughts that run through my head thinking of mine, I wanted to know you so much and hear your voice scratched by cigarettes, which reminded me of my grandfather's, the dust that rises with the wind has the same taste as the Sicilian arena ».

Fiorello is the only one that tries to minimize the video of a sketch with Marco Baldini on the web in which he tries to convince him to participate in a commercial. for Pippo Baudo, another compatriot, "has contributed to make Sicily loved in the world, but at the same time was very critical of the island from which he endured the distortions". Fabio Fazio he describes him as "kind, brave and generous". "It is an honor to have had a guest: the program account continues What climate is -, listening to the wisdom of each of his words ». Roberto Saviano Tweet: "Thank you Master for always being with you and never looking for a comfortable neutrality". It is "thank you" the recurring word: "For the dreams that I gave to my adolescence, remember the actor. Lino Guanciale -, for the ability to dare that you have shown reconciliation not obvious ».

Bipartisan condolences in politics. Even Matteo Salvini, not exactly in the same vein, writes in social networks: "Goodbye to Montalbano's father, tireless narrator of his Sicily". "I know that politically he told me in all the colors, then he explained it to the leader of the League, but before the death, the controversy stops". The M5S is more passionate: "A sad news for Italy – says the deputy prime minister Luigi di maio -, who sees a magnificent master of life pass, we will miss you ». "Much more than a writer", adds the president of the Chamber. Roberto Fico – a free voice that has given us a character also known abroad: an example of humanity, insight and generosity at the service of the community. "

The premier's note is not missing. Giuseppe Conte: "Master of irony and wisdom, we lose an intellectual who has been able to talk to everyone". However, most publications are from the center-left. From "a unique and wonderful voice – speaks the secretary of Pd. Nicola Zingaretti, brother of the "commissioner" -. The beauty of your life story will remain. "" Words that speak the truth have a different vibration than all the others, "according to the new president of the European Parliament. David Sassoli. "A man who has always followed the principles of our Constitution, an authentic person," he says. Laura boldrini of LeU. Democrats have already asked Mayor Virginia Raggi to name her a place in Rome.

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