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Borsa Italiana, FTSEMib positive with banks. The comment of the day (July 16, 2019).

The negative indication of Goldman Sachs, who advised to sell the shares, weighed on the title of the automotive company. MPS and UniCredit very well

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Piazza Affari and the main European stock exchanges ended the session on July 16 with fractional progress. Good performance for banks, after the differential between BTP and Bund decreased to 191 points; In addition, the sub-fund benefited from the positive indications of the quarterly Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. On the other hand, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is in strong decline: Goldman Sachs recommends selling the shares.

Mercado-positivo_2the FTSEMib ended the day with 0.12% progress at 22,204 points, after having fluctuated between a minimum of 22,079 points and a maximum of 22,273 points. the FTSE Italy All Share It has recovered 0.13%. Above parity also FTSE Italia Mid Cap (+ 0.29%) and the FTSE Italia Star (+ 0.33%). In today's session, the exchange value increased to 2,010 million euros, compared to 1,740 million on Monday; 881,889,157 shares have changed hands (541,778,431 in the session on Monday). Of the 406 securities traded, 210 registered a positive performance, while the negative signs were 159; Without modifying the 37 remaining shares.

L & # 39;euro returned below $ 1,125, while the Bitcoin He returned to $ 10,500 (less than 9,500 euros).

SEARCH The quotes of the values ​​of SOLMib40.

Good performance for bankers.; The sub-fund benefited from the margin reduction and positive indications of the quarterly Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

On the roller coaster Monte dei Paschi di Siena, after losing 6.58% in the session of July 15; The title of the Tuscan institute ended the day with an increase of 3.9% to 1,653 euros.

UniCredit It has achieved an advance of 2.61% to 11,736 euros.. The S & P Global agency has improved the bank's outlook, going from "Negative" to "Stable". According to experts, the institution has significantly improved its resistance to a hypothetical default on Italian sovereign debt. S & P has confirmed UniCredit's ratings on "BBB" (long term) and "A2" (short term).

Azimuth tenure It suffered a decrease of 0.4% to 17.65 euros.. La Repubblica interviewed the company's number one, Pietro Giuliani. The manager confirmed the company's current strategy focused on growth outside of Italy and denied the possibility of continuing with external growth. Pietro Giuliani has also denied the possibility of selling Azimut Holding.

In steep decline Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (-3.1% to 12.18 euros). Goldman Sachs analysts have resumed coverage of the automotive company with a target price of $ 13.5 and indication of the sale of the shares. Experts expect limited growth in profitability in the coming quarters, particularly in North America.

The same business bank increased the target price from 119 euros to 150 euros. Ferrari (+ 1.34% to € 151.3), assuming a double-digit growth in profitability in the three-year period 2019/2021. The experts confirmed the "Neutral" trial.

Atlantia It lost 2.35% to € 24.08.. Ferrovie dello Stato announced that it had identified the company that appears in the FTSEMib as a partner to work together with Delta Air Lines and the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the Alitalia operation.

Definitely negative performance for Pirelli (-2.49% to 5,554 euros). Traders linked the fall in stocks to the slowdown in Michelin tire sales in June.

Salini Impregilo The day ended with a fall of 3.3% to 1,702 euros.. The board of directors of the company has resolved to refer Astaldi (+ 0.27% to 0.745 euros) a new offer destined to overcome and replace the previous one. In particular, the offer foresees an increase in the capital of Salini Impregilo (excluding the right of option) for a total of 600 million euros. In addition, the general maneuver contemplates the granting of several lines of credit, intended, in particular, to support Astaldi's cash requirements, in addition to covering the financial needs of Salini Impregilo in the context of the implementation of the Italy Project.

Trevi Group It drops 1.79% to € 0.247.. The company approved the financial statements for the years 2017 and 2018, prepared and approved based on the assumption of business continuity. In particular, last year closed with revenues of 618.08 million euros, a sharp drop compared to the 772.54 million euros obtained the previous year. The final result was negative for 143.43 million euros, compared to the red of 539.58 million reserved in 2017.

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