Bimba has an unusual hook cancer. Appeal of family members: «Saving 190,000 berries»

Bimba has an unusual hook cancer. Appeal of family members:

Lulu is 5 years old, with golden hair and face-of-law princess. But the child is also a brave hero. It is indeed a fight with a strong anti-cancer fighting, near the habitats. His hair fell after healing, but the child did not lose heart. She worked with heavy problems of radio and chemo. But she can not cure her. And now you can only save one American vaccine. "But it's about 190,000 yards and we do not have it", a & # 39; family definition. The story is in Bedford, in the United Kingdom. As the Mirror recites, Mom Clare and Rob's father have been very convicted. Have they been closing close to their child all the time. From the jobs to radio and chemo sessions.

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Mother Clare would say: «There were months of ups and downs. But after immunotherapy they told us that the situation had not come forward. The biggest problem with neuroblastoma is the recycling level. We decided with some of our parents who lived on the drama and advised us New York vaccine vaccine».

But the cure would be very expensive and the Lulu family are working hard collect the money"Our colleagues have launched a number of funders and so far we have reached around 30,000 barley. But they are not enough. Lulu laughs and hers. gives us strength. We will do everything to save it».

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