Alessandro Nasi, Agnelli’s possible successor at Juventus after the failure of the Superliga –

In the front row for the replacement at the head of the company is now his cousin Alessandro nasi, vice president of the financial company Exor, Agnelli’s holding company, chaired by John elkann. And president of Comau, a robotics industry that is part of the Stellantis group. A family manager, who grew up in the shadow of his two cousins ​​and who does not like to appear: known to the layman above all for being the companion of Alena Seredova, the former partner of Gigi buffon of which the Juventus goalkeeper had two children.

The latest from the Superlega

Cousin of Andrea and John, 46 years, half of which he spent in the United States (although he graduated in Economics in Turin), he trained financial world, in investment banks such as Merril Lynch and Jp Morgan and then, under the direction of the former CEO of FCA, Sergio MarchionneNasi, a highly respected coach, so much so that recently he has also approached a leadership role at Ferrari – the big leap might be imminent, but not in the engines. In 2020, as revealed by Soccer and Finance, which also joined the Danish company Lego: if it takes over the family toy called Juventus, it will ensure continuity at a high level, taking into account a very complicated context.

The watchword will not be reduction, but certainly rationalization, because Bianconeri’s accounts were in obvious suffering even before the pandemic, which precipitated the situation, effectively forcing Andrea Agnelli try the Super League card: in short, a desperate move.

Any new course at Juve will also be called upon to give the club a less gloomy public face, in Italy and especially abroad., after image damage not yet calculable but perceived within the family as profound: in this sense the old glories of the club could return to Turin as David trezeguet, who studies from ds or Alessandro del piero, possible vice president instead of Pavel Nedved.

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