Agcom fine Tim, Vodafone, Wind and Fastweb for 28-day bills –

MILAN – The Authority for Communications Guaranteed to impose on the operators, TIM, Vodafone, Wind Tre and Fastweb, the maximum penalty provided for the failure to comply with its resolution regarding the frequency of renewal of offers and billing services, with regard to fixed telephony and converging fixed-mobile offers, which amounts to 1.16 million for each operator. The Authority has at the same time issued specific guidelines. And what we read in a note Agcom.

The case, raised by the Republic, had highlighted how the operators aimed to cash an extra bill a year by moving the monthly invoicing to 28 days, a billion-dollar deal the year. The Communications Guarantor did not contest the increase in prices per se. Rather, it has targeted the lack of transparency in companies and awareness of customers, the target of a change in billing times. "It is not enough to communicate to people that something has changed in terms of payment", explained Antonio Nicita, a member of Agcom, "what counts is the effectiveness of communication in terms of understanding: the consumer – especially if he has signed a contract with automatic renewal – it tends to be absent-minded and lazy, and in a certain sense has the right to be so, precisely for this reason it must be informed in a punctual way by companies, otherwise we are at the limit of deception. keep the theme alive and shake the families to come back fully aware of the situation they are living in. We look with confidence at the Parliament to give us more effective and pointed weapons ".

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