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18-year-old Ventimiglia from a palace The drama in Paris


The lifeless body of an 18-year-old boy from Ventimiglia, Alessio Vinci, a student, was discovered Friday in Paris, in a building in the French capital. Investigations and investigations of the border police are being carried out and an autopsy will be carried out next Thursday. Initially alarming was the lack of news. Discovering what had happened, after hours of silence and anguish, was the boy's grandfather, to whom the nephew was entrusted. According to what was rebuilt after numerous phone calls to the mobile phone, the elders responded to the French law enforcement officers, who soon spread among their dearest friends, who for days searched him in vain in Turin, where he attended the university with a year before It had passed the selection to enter the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Polytechnic, being located among the first 40 candidates. In history there are several aspects to date without explanation. Starting with the reason that had brought him to Paris, since his trip to the French capital did not even know the closest friends.

The news of the death was confirmed by some teachers from the Liceo Aprosio that the child had attended until the maturity of last year and who wanted to meet classmates and friends of the youngest. In fact, all the elements in the hands of researchers seem to leave little room for doubt and suggest that this was a voluntary choice. And that the young ventimigliese, who has been in the bar for four months, has decided, inexplicably for all, to take his own life. "One can only say a lot about him: he was a very good boy, but he was also available with his classmates, educated and correct with the teachers," say the teachers, moved and annoyed. "He was the classic guy you would never have expected such a thing because he was extraordinarily good at school but at the same time outgoing and nice and ready for the party." He shared his skill with anyone who asked for a hand, went out, went to the nightclub, he had many friends ", the classmates of the school and the university say amazed.


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