Italian Prime Minister Conte resigned amidst Kovid-19 and struggle against recession

According to a government spokesman, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is set to resign on Tuesday, sparking political instability, leading to elections in a country struggling to fight the Kovid-19 epidemic and revive its economy It is possible.

Mr Conte stepped down after securing his majority in the Senate of Italy earlier this month, following a fight with a small coalition over which the EU to help Italy recover from the effects of the epidemic A large amount of money was spent. His resignation has begun a search for a new governing majority, but if none can be found, the EU’s third-largest economy is likely to hold elections in the coming months.

The breakdown of Italy’s left-leaning government suggests that Europe’s political challenges in recent years — including the fragmentation of the political landscape and the rise of opposing parties — have not gone away, despite pressures that epidemics are working for European politicians Across Party Lines.

Mr. Conte presided over a strange coalition, led by the Center-Left Democratic Party and the rebel populist 5 Star Movement, a coalition primarily aimed at avoiding elections. Some in Italy expected the government to last longer, although the epidemic fueled Mr Conte’s authority for some time.

In the end, it was a small, concentrated faction led by former Prime Minister Mateo Renzi, withdrawing Mr Conte’s support, of spending over € 200 billion in EU economic-recovery funds. Were unhappy about their lack of consultation with Italy.


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