It was reported that Apple employee buses attacked near SF

  Protest blocks Apple bus while Google bus pbades

Protestors block Apple bus when Google bus pbades in San Francisco in 2013.

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Five buses used to move Apple employees through the San Francisco Bay area have had broken windows in suspected shotgun pellets in recent days, The Guardian reported Wednesday.

The first incident occurred on Friday while traveling the commuter bus from the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California, to San Francisco, the newspaper reported. The following suspicious attacks occurred on Tuesday, according to an internal Apple note obtained by The Guardian.

"There is nothing confirmed, but it is suspected that a shotgun gun could have been used in these incidents," the email told the employees. "Fortunately, nobody seems to have been injured yet."

The memo continued saying that commuter buses would avoid Interstate 280 until further notice. The peninsula's corridor is also covered by suburban buses provided by other Silicon Valley giants, including Google and Facebook.

The great successes seem to be the last escalation in a long dispute in which buses operated by technological giants have become a symbol for disparity of wealth and gentrification in the Bay Area. Protesters, who have attacked the buses of many Silicon Valley tech giants, blame high-tech employees moving from Silicon Valley to San Francisco and Oakland, and increase rents and prices for homes in the area.

Protesters block typical bus routes when they try to leave for the Valley, but at least one protest resulted in vandalism in 2013 when protesters broke a window of a Google suburban bus Oakland, California.

Apple did not respond immediately to a request for comments.

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