It sees debug cubes in the 3D All-Stars version of Mario Sunshine that don’t appear for a long time

Before version 1.1.0 (Image: Nintendo Life)

Back in September, you may remember how we ran a story about the discovery that appears in Debug Cubes Super mario 3d all-stars Version of Super mario sunshine.

Well, as of the latest update (version 1.1.0), this small inspection in the second secret area of ​​Bianco Hills is scheduled.

We saw ourselves and can confirm that the cubes no longer appear in this part of the game:

After version 1.1.0
After version 1.1.0 (Image: Nintendo Life)

When these debug cubes were originally discovered, the floor of The Cutting Room shared the following information:

These cubes were visible inside, possibly due to incomplete graphics simulation Super mario 3d all-stars Game release. “

Are you happy to hear that these debug cubes are now made invisible again? Or have they made it easier for you to navigate this secret phase? Leave a comment below.


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