It seems unlikely that Giancarlo Stanton will accept the exchange with St. Louis


We have reached the semi-serious stage in the Giancarlo Stanton draw now that the Marlins have given the opportunity to representatives of the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals to meet Stanton's agents. It is expected that things will really improve at the Winter Meetings that begin on December 10 in Orlando. Until then, we can only examine the few clues we have that can alert where Stanton is headed.

With this in mind, things do not seem so promising for the Cardinals. Despite being one of the two teams in serious discussions to acquire Stanton, they have a big obstacle to overcome. That's Stanton's approval.

Because he has a full no-trade clause, Stanton can say no to anyone, and based on the rumors Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports will hear, he is unlikely to approve an agreement with St. Louis.

Here is an excerpt from his Saturday report:

While Stanton himself has not said anything out loud about his wishes, beyond his interview here on FanRag and elsewhere he has no desire to endure another reconstruction in Miami, which is obviously what is happening there, others with connections to the NL 2017 MVP has a strong belief that St. Louis will not be their first choice, and obviously has options.

One person said he "did not see any way" of accepting the Cardinals, but added that the disqualifier can do it. "He says he knows for sure." Another said he "100 percent" would take the Giants over of the Cardinals if that was the choice, and another suggested that the Midwest, behind the west coast and the east coast, is their "last option."

Two others who have some familiarity with the situation gave similar answers. Of course, none of them knows for sure (as noted), many things can change, possibly depending on the presentations, the mere fact that Stanton has accepted that his people meet with the Cardinals should be taken as a positive signal (nobody has even said if Stanton himself, who lives in the Hollywood Hills, is in these meetings.)

As always, it's important to keep in mind that these reports are not written in stone. stating that even their sources closest to the situation are not one hundred percent sure of anything. In fact, there has already been a report from Bob Nightengale of USA Today that would seem to be in conflict with Heyman's sources.

The #SFGIants and #STLCards were informed after meeting with Stanton and representatives that none of the equipment has been eliminated as possible commercial options. #Marlins

– Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) December 3, 2017

Saying no to the Cardinals would coincide with Stanton's wishes to play on the east or west coast. Unless that feeling changes, or the Cardinals relocate in the next two weeks, it will be a difficult sale. However, that does not mean that they stop selling. Even if Stanton does not lean now, he could always change his mind if other desirable options do not come to an end.

However, it seems to be a long shot. And given that, according to reports, the Marlins are more concerned with reducing payroll than getting prospects, the Cardinals can not hang up their hat of what appears to be a solid return package. The Marlins may not be as motivated to continue talking to St. Louis if Stanton's interest in them is not high.

This does not necessarily mean that the Giants are in the driver's seat either. They are in a better position than San Luis and maybe even 25 other teams. But the Dodgers are still coming and it would not be shocking if an unexpected team did the interesting things. Time will tell, but this draw is definitely far from over.

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