It might take a 7-for-1 deal to get Deshaun Watson out of the Houston Texans

In a world where all things are equal, there is no problem that Matthew Stafford, Carson Wentz and Jared Goff are already off the board as chances to become the Chicago Bears’ next quarterback.

But that’s only because Deshaun Watson, the biggest fish on the market, hasn’t moved yet.

Unfortunately, it will be extremely difficult to convince you:

Longtime soccer expert Peter King recounts all sorts of possible business scenarios involving Watson. Chicago is even mentioned as a potential business partner for Houston: “Chicago would certainly be interested,” King writes. “But picking 20th this year is a big negative, with no quarterback other than Nick Foles to negotiate; the lack of significant young talent to pack is also a negative. “Alas. That sucks. But it’s not entirely untrue, so take it however you like.

As for the teams that can make proposals that King deems worthy, there aren’t many. And those he proposes on behalf of the teams are downright crazy. Two are straight from the nuh-uh, no way will that happen category:

⇒ A 7-for-1 deal from the Panthers, featuring RB Christian McCaffrey, WR Robbie Anderson, QB Teddy Bridgewater, two first-round picks, a second round, a third in 2022 and possibly pass rusher Brian Burns.

⇒ Another lopsided proposition through the Jets, including QB Sam Darnold, DL Quinnen Williams, two first-round picks and two more second-round picks (a 6-for-1 package).

⇒ There is a layer of ridiculousness that I wouldn’t even address in the wild three-way proposal between the 49ers, Vikings, and Texans. King offers Minnesota send Kirk Cousins ​​to San Francisco, the Niners send Jimmy Garoppolo to the Texans and Houston sends Watson to Minnesota. There would be other teams and players who would go in different ways. But it’s hard to imagine a trade where John Lynch doesn’t get the most value on a trading chart.

What would a Bears pack look like that rivaled the previous ones? First round picks in 2021, 2022 and 2023, LB Roquan Smith, WR Darnell Mooney and more? Hello, boy. That is a spicy meatball. One that I’m not ready to deconstruct right now.

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