It is unlikely that the 512 GB model will see a publication in the United Kingdom

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IF YOU SHOULD BELIEVE RUMORS ONLINE Samsung could be planning an early release for the Galaxy Note 9, shying away from its traditional IFA presentation in August.

It's good news for fans of big screen mobs, as Note 9 is expected to contain a screen of 6.38 in size, larger than the 6.32 in Note 8. It could also be the first ship Sammy's logo on promoting a fingerprint scanner on the screen, according to some reports, while others have claimed that the technology will not be ready for the rumored July launch of the phone.

We have compiled everything we know about the so-called Samsung Galaxy Note 9 so far.

Release date
The Galaxy Note 9 will make its official debut on August 9, according to a report from Bloomberg .

However, The Investor reported that Samsung's next big flagship could be launched in July this year, in an attempt to compensate for the "less than stellar" performance of the Galaxy S9 and beat the iPhone Apple X2 in the market.

It is not yet known how much Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will cost when it goes on sale. However, if something like its predecessor, prices are expected to start at £ 869 SIM-free.

Latest news
Tipster Ice Universe, having previously revealed that the Galaxy Note 9 will launch with an industry-leading 512 GB storage, has now clarified that the model will be exclusive to China and South Korea.

The 512 GB ROM of the Galaxy Note9 is only available in South Korea and China.

– Ice universe (@UniverseIce) June 17, 2018

6/13/18: The Galaxy Note 9 seems ready to charge a battery larger than its predecessor, with Ice Universe tweeting that is "100 percent sure" that a Improved offering of 4,000mAh. In addition, as discovered GalaxyClub, Samsung also seems to be preparing a faster wireless charger, which adds weight to the rumors of a battery of greater capacity.

11/6/18: Trusted researcher Ice Universe has posted an image of an official-looking case for the Galaxy Note 9, confirming that the incoming flagship will not sport a fingerprint sensor in the screen.

Note9 protective case, we see your fingerprint sensor position.

– Ice universe (@UniverseIce) June 9, 2018

Rather, the Note 9 will have a fingerprint scanner repositioned under its sensor. double camera located in the center. The leak also shows that the phone will include a new hardware key on the left side, which some speculate could be a dedicated camera shutter button.

7/6/18 It was long speculated that the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not change much with respect to its predecessor Note 8, and the filtered CAD renders ( above ) seem to have confirmed this.

The images, courtesy of 91Mobiles and OnLeaks, show that, if legitimate, Note 9 will be almost indistinguishable from last year's model, discrediting the speculation that a fingerprint sensor could be on the screen. The dimensions are said to be 162x76x8.8mm, which means that Note 9 will be slightly shorter, wider and thicker than Note 8, but the leak suggests that it will offer the same 6.3-inch screen as before. The camera system is expected to be the same as the Galaxy 9+, and Note 9 is expected to contain the same Snapdragon 845 inmates.

However, there is some good news, as the leak suggests that this Additional thickness will be used to house a 3,850 mAh battery, a big improvement over the 3,330mAh battery of Note 8.

4/6/18: Samsung will unveil its next flagship Galaxy Note on August 9, according to Bloomberg . The report, which cites people familiar with the matter, says that Note 9 will look similar to last year's model, but will have an updated Qualcomm processor (probably Snapdragon 845) and an improved camera. Samsung, naturally, refused to comment.

1/6/18: The Galaxy Note 9 has been delayed after Samsung decided to make some last minute design changes. The Bell reports that, after caressing the devices of competitors Oppo and Xiaomi, Samsung's vice president, Lee Jae-yong, decided he wanted to reduce the thickness of Note 9 by reducing the cover glbad the screen in 0.5 mm. This, according to the report, has seen the launch of the device delayed from the end of July to the beginning of August.

"This is the first time Samsung has adjusted the specification two or three months before the launch," a component industry official told the Korean newspaper.

5/30/18: Just a few weeks after Snapdragon's Note 9 with 845 feed was compared, the Exynos 9810 version for the United Kingdom appeared in Geekbench. The listing confirms that the incoming Galaxy Note 9, as expected, will match Samsung's Exynos chipset with 6GB of RAM and Android 8.1, as does the Snapdragon version. However, with single-core scores and multiple cores of 2737 and 9046, the Exynos model scored slightly better than the Snapdragon model, which scored a single-core score of 2411 and a multi-core score of 8712.

5/29/18: Samsung will equip at least one variation of the Galaxy Note 9 with an internal memory of 8GB and internal storage of 512GB, according to Twitter tipster Ice Universe surpbading the Galaxy S9 Plus that exceeds 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. However, the source points out that certain markets can see that configuration if they are "lucky", which suggests that the specifications are not yet written in stone.

5/18/18: Samsung has confirmed that its next flagship smartphone will present an enhanced version of its artificial intelligence platform, Bixby 2.0. Gray G Lee, head of the Samsung Research AI Center, said to the Korea Herald that the firm's next flagship, undoubtedly the Galaxy Note 9, will be the first to introduce Bixby 2.0, which will offer natural improvements . language processes, improved noise resistance capacity and faster response times.

"Samsung's vision of AI has five directions: user-centered, always learning, always there, always useful and always safe," said Lee.

5/17/18: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will probably be released in late July before going on sale in August, according to the Korea Herald . Citing local parts suppliers, the report states that Samsung began mbad production of the 6.38in smartphone screen in April, two months earlier than usual.

Although it is unclear why the launch was launched, the sources told the newspaper it may be because Samsung's Galaxy S9 series phones are being sold "much worse than expected." However, others have claimed that the firm is looking to beat Apple's next-generation iPhones in the market, with the so-called iPhone X2 line of games that will be released in September.

The report corroborates previous rumors that Samsung Galaxy S10 will be presented at CES in January, with the company's first folding smartphone, the so-called Galaxy X, to debut at the MWC the following month.

11/5/18: The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not expected to be released soon, but it seems that the company is already testing the device after it was believed that the model of Snapdragon bound for the United States Geekbench had been evaluated. The phone, which has the model number SM-N960U, is almost certainly the Galaxy Note 9, since Note 8 last year presented the model number SM-N950U.

The Geekbench list reveals that, as expected, the Note 9 will have a Snapdragon 845 processor paired with 7GB of RAM. It also confirms that the phone will ship with the Oreo Android 8.1 operating system from Google. As for the benchmark results, the supposed Galaxy Note 9 scored a single-core score of 2411 and a multi-core score of 8712.

10/5/18: A filtered surface rendering of the Galaxy Note 9 ( above ), once again courtesy of Twitter tipster Ice Universe suggests that the phone will offer few design changes compared to its predecessor Note 8. Although it seems to have slightly thinner bevels than before, the Note 9 renderer seems to discredit the initial speculation that the phone will have a fingerprint scanner under the screen, while the supposedly new S Pen pencil looks identical to the one sent with the note from last year. 8.

"Samsung was weak in 2018 and I came to the conclusion that Note9 will not change much, this is just a small setting for Note8," Ice Universe notes.

5/9/18: The reliable Universe Ice Universe, through SlashGear has detailed seven key features that will probably come to Samsung's Note 9, including a trick camera, one more Agile 3,850 mAh battery, a new S-Pen stylus and a fingerprint sensor under the screen, despite recent speculation that next year's Galaxy S10 would be the first Samsung smartphone to come equipped with this feature .

He also claims that an improved version of Bixby will debut on Note 9 in the form of "Bixby 2.0," along with a new version of Samsung's customized Android user interface called "Crown UX." Finally, Ice Universe claims that the Galaxy Note 9 will be available in a new color option & # 39; Teddy Brown & # 39 ;, because, uh, who does not want a brown smartphone.

4/30/18: According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information of China (CMIIT), which reinforces rumors that the next flagship will reach early in the year. The certification does not confirm much but reveals two variants of the phone SM-N9600 and SM-N9608, certainly a sign that one will include a Samsung Exynos chip, and the other a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

11/4/18: According to the latest blows online, courtesy of Twitter tipster Ice Universe the Galaxy Note 9 will come with a 6.4-inch screen, larger than the 6.32 screen in found in the phablet badge of last year. This large screen will provide more room for a more robust battery, with Samsung configured to fill the Galaxy Note 9 with a 4000 mAh battery. Since the Note 8, with its 3,330mAh battery, could spend an entire day of use, the Note 9 could offer users two days of battery life.

6/4/18: Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Note 9 earlier than usual with the goal of "eclipse" Apple's iPhone X2.

So says a report from Korea, which states that Note 9 will be launched in July or August, with the Samsung screen set to begin producing the phone's OLED panel this month, two months earlier than usual.

In addition to trying to beat the market of the next generation of Apple, this advance release occurs when Samsung seeks to "compensate for the less than stellar performance of the S9".

The investor's report also supports previous rumors that the Note 9 screen will measure 6.38 inches, larger than the 6.32-inch screen of the Note 8, and notes that the phone will not be the first smartphone in the world. Samsung with a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen.

3/23/18: New reports claim that Samsung is likely to adopt a fingerprint scanner on the screen for the Galaxy Note 9, despite the first rumors to the contrary.

Industry sources said to the Korea Herald that Samsung Display "prepared three of four solutions" for Samsung Electronics to incorporate a fingerprint sensor into the Note 9 screen, adding that the company is "seriously considering" one of the solutions.

"The delay in the decision on the final concept for Note 9 is due to the adoption work of the fingerprint sensor on the screen," the source added. "A final decision will be made about the adoption of the technology this month."

Separately, SamMobile has hinted that Galaxy Note 9 could be launched sooner than expected, having received confirmation that Samsung has started the development of the smartphone software, and has begun testing two compilations : N960FXXE0ARB7 and N960FXXU0ARC5.

9/3/18: Respected badyst Ming-Chi Kuo has denied speculation that the Galaxy Note 9 will have a fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen.

Adding weight to reports from Korea last month, Kuo said, through 9to5Google that Samsung will not have fingerprint technology on screen ready for the Galaxy Note 9 due to "technical difficulties".

It says that the feature currently suffers from problems with screen savers and several different environments that affect the success rate of the fingerprint reader below the screen.

This is a U-turn from Kuo, who published a report last August stating that while waiting for the Galaxy S9 and S9 + to send a traditional fingerprint sensor, Samsung will probably incorporate the onscreen option in Note 9.

2/14/18: The Galaxy Note 9 will not be the first Samsung smartphone to pack a fingerprint scanner on the screen, according to reports.

The patents revealed earlier this Week confirmed that Samsung is developing a fingerprint scanner on screen or optical. As we already know that the Galaxy S9 will have a standard scanner on its back, many speculated that the Note 9 would be the first to have the optical reader.

However, according to sources with knowledge of the supply chain, through The Bell the fingerprint scanner of Note 9 will be in the same place as in Note 8, with Samsung still it is said that he is developing a solution on screen.

06/11/17: Samsung is preparing to start a pilot production of the Galaxy Note 9 in the first quarter of 2018.

The Korean news The Bell ( through The Investor ), which states that Samsung could start manufacturing the smartphone, code-named 'Crown', in just two months.

An official of a smartphone parts provider allegedly told the newspaper: "We will begin to provide components for a pilot production [of the Galaxy Note 9] in the first quarter of next year."

The Bell does not have much more to say about it but it does speculate on what the code name refers to. & # 39; Corona & # 39;. It is expected to be a sign of Samsung's goal of strengthening its control over the large smartphone sector, rather than a hint that it will come with sharp corners and will be exclusive to Netflix.

This year's Galaxy Note 8 was codenamed & # 39; Baikal & # 39; from one of Russia's largest lakes, apparently on the 6.3-inch big screen of the smartphone.

The report notes that, while running a pilot production is likely to take place early next year, the Galaxy Note 9 will probably make its official debut in early or mid-August next year.

Beyond its code name, we do not know much about what Samsung's next flagship has in store.

However, Samsung itself has hinted that the Galaxy Note 9 could be its first "folding" smartphone. Dongjin Koh, president of Samsung's mobile business, told reporters earlier this year that the company expects to launch its first flexible smartphone next year under its flagship Galaxy Note.

However, Koh warned that there are still obstacles to overcome and release them to be backed down if they are not resolved.

The speculation also claims that the Note 9 could present a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen, while others claim that Samsung is preparing to get rid of the scanner in favor of an expensive iPhone X-esque recognition system.

There is also talk that the Galaxy Note 8, like the next Galaxy S9, will include Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor, not yet announced, under the hood. μ

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