It is said that Disney resumed talks to buy parts of Fox –

It is said that Disney resumed talks to buy parts of Fox



A scene from "The Americans" on the FX network, which is part of 21st Century Fox.

Patrick Harbron / FX

Walt Disney Company resumed talks with 21st Century Fox to buy at least part of the company, while Fox discusses whether to reduce his empire, two people said on Saturday.

Fox is still in talks with Comcast about a possible agreement, added these people, who were not authorized to speak publicly about the negotiations. The Murdochs, who control Fox, are expected to make a decision on whether they will seek a sale before the end of the year, one person added.

The return of Disney, which held talks with Fox earlier this year, highlights how media companies increasingly seek to compete in a new era of transmission through growth and acquisition of more content. It also lets medium-sized players like Fox decide if they can buy the scale they need, or sell and focus on particular business niches.

If Fox decides to seek sales negotiations, it would represent a potential unraveling of a media realm. that the Murdoch family has met for decades. Disney and Comcast have been more interested in only part of Fox's business constellation, in particular the 20th Century Fox film studio; cable channels such as FX; Sky, the British radio station; Star, an Indian station.

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Fox would stay with several highly profitable companies, including Fox News, its transmission network and its sports pay television channel.

Earlier this year, Disney said it would build two Netflix-style data transmission services to address challenges for its television business, meaning that more and more consumers, particularly the younger ones, are giving up their expensive cable subscriptions.

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