It is said about rallies from far and wide, ‘this is a trap’

Pro-Trump activists who sparked a January 6 protest that turned into a deadly capital riot are trying to get away from future unrest as politicians and law-enforcement officials prepare for further violence before the inauguration .

Extremism experts have focused on January 17, as well as Inauguration Day and the days surrounding it, as well as potential flashpoints for violence. An opening day threat includes a “Million Militia March”, which encourages armed Trump supporters to land online on a DC A flyer that calls for an “armed march on Capitol Hill and all state capitals”. The protest, though it is not clear where the flyer originated or how much traction gained on the right.

Capital Police officials are not taking any chances this time. He briefed House Democrats late Monday about a series of potential threats, including “the largest armed protest ever on American soil” and plans for an alleged plot to prevent or kill Democrats from reaching the Capitol Are, so as to capture the Republicans. Government.

Democrats were also warned about the more general threat to violence against politicians and police, according to a person familiar with the briefing, which was previously reported by HuffPost and confirmed by The Daily Beast.

However, so far, public online discussion of alleged mass protests 17. Protests have appeared in Trump forums far less than the wave of talk that preceded the January 6 riots.

Lindsey Shubiner, a program director at the Center for Western States, said that we are not looking at participating in those events at nearly the same level as online.

Shubiner said, however, that additional protests or discussions about violence could be for the opening, which probably moved to less public online venues as social media companies cracked down on extremists.

“We’re in a very dangerous period for political violence, and it’s hard to say what will happen or when it can happen,” Shubner said. “But everything we are seeing gives us great cause for concern.”

As thousands of National Guard troops flood into Washington, Trump supporters have suggested without evidence that the proposed January 17 rally is a ploy to lure MAGA fans.

Gateway pundit, a right-wing hoax blog whose owner has been invited to the Trump White House, suggested that the Jan. 17 protest was a “deep-state conspiracy” meant to set the stage for mass arrests of Trump supporters . Mark Taylor, a former firefighter who became a star on the far right after receiving a “prophecy” after Trump was elected, warned more than 17,000 of his followers to stay away from the Jan. 17 protests on Tuesday.

“None of these so-called peaceful armed protests in all the state capitals and DC mass is established by the 17th Left,” Taylor Tweeted on Tuesday. “Don’t go! It’s a trap !!”

Several Trump supporters have claimed that the flyer’s graphic design, depicted in red with the Statue of Liberty in the foreground, is evidence that it is a plan to hurt Trump and his allies.

Arizona State Representative Kelly Townsend (R) tweeted on Tuesday, “There is no organizer listed and nothing looks like the Patriotic group will be out at all.”

That stupor has plunged to the state level. The Minnesota group recently held a “Stop the Steel” event in the state capital, issuing a Facebook alert to followers about the Jan. 17 incident.

“This is an intrusion and the tactics used to incite violence are set and blamed on us,” the group wrote, which organized the Minnesota “Hurricane the Capital” event on January 6. “Don’t go to the Capitol on Sunday!”

The group told The Daily Beast that it advised people to stay home on January 17. On Facebook, the group shared posters for the January 17 event, and suggested that they were an “anarchist” plot. However, those posters were broadcast in earnest by members of the Bugru movement, a far-right and liberal coalition that craved civil war. Although the Boogailoo movement has been promoting the event since last month, at least some members appear reassured after the Jan. 6 riots, with the Boogalloo news site’s statement from the alleged organizers of the event, the rally’s DC walk. Had claimed Cancel


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