It is presumed that the missing 3-year-old girl died, and her mother’s boyfriend has been accused –

It is presumed that the missing 3-year-old girl died, and her mother’s boyfriend has been accused


Investigators announced a bleak turn in the case of Mariah Woods, a 3-year-old disabled girl whose mother said she disappeared from her home in eastern North Carolina on Sunday:

The mother's boyfriend was Arrested in connection with the disappearance of the girl, authorities said Saturday morning, and Mariah probably died.

Earl Kimrey, 32, was arrested Friday night and charged with hiding a death, obstruction of justice, second-degree theft, theft and possession of property.

He was detained in the Onslow County Detention Center with $ 1,010,000 bail. Authorities have not said what led investigators to identify Kimrey as a suspect, but other charges could be filed.

According to search warrants obtained by the Jacksonville Daily News, Kimrey is accused of "removing the body of Mariah Woods from the scene of his death, and hid the death and body of Mariah Woods."

The order Judiciary says that Mariah died of "unnatural causes" and that Kimrey "acted deceitfully and attempted to defraud, but does not provide additional details about how Mariah died." .

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What is clear is that the focus of the search has changed. The police and the FBI no longer seek to find a missing girl; They are trying to recover their body.

His disappearance led to a generalized search, with the application of the law, the military and volunteers of the community in search of the girl after the plea of ​​her mother for her safe return.

"Please bring your back," Kristy Woods told CBS affiliate WNCT. "I love her, I will do everything I can, as you wish, please bring her safe and sound, she is my baby, she is my everything".

Woods said he would give her "everything in the world" to get her daughter back, "just to be able to touch her and hold her." Do not let her go again. "

The Onslow County Sheriff's Office released surveillance photos early Wednesday showing a woman with a child at a Walmart in Morehead City on Monday morning and asking the public to help determine if the child could be Mariah, WCTI later reported that a woman in Newport said the photos show her and her own daughter, not the missing girl.

The woman, Jetta Long, told the news station on Wednesday morning that she was frustrated because the surveillance photos "could have reached" the hopes of the family. "

As Mariah's search intensified, questions swarmed over the story told by Mariah's caregivers.

The girl is shy and has an orthopedic leg problem, her grandmother said, according to CBS News. She uses orthotics on her leg and wobbles when she walks. It was unlikely that he would just walk away, family members said, and if he did, he would not get far.

"She is a sweet girl, but she is shy with strangers, so she would not go with a stranger," said the grandmother, according to the news station.

In addition, there were no signs of a fight or forced entry into Mariah's bedroom.

Alex Woods, biological of Mariah Sr., told WCTI that he had suspicions about the story of his disappearance. "Someone just came in, took the 3-year-old girl out of bed and did not cry, did not she scream?" He said. "Nobody heard anything? Four people in the house, two adults and two children, does someone just show up and snatch the baby and leave?"

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