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It is believed that a dog with a brain tumor has a 7-cm needle stuck in its neck


A dog that was thought to be sick with a brain tumor has fully recovered after X-rays revealed that instead it had a sewing needle stuck in its neck.

Toby, a Yorkshire terrier, suffered from neck pain, struggled to walk and showed signs of convulsions.

Their worried owners took the 13-year-old veterinarian, who suspected that the dog had a tumor.

But X-ray images revealed that a 7 cm needle, with a tied thread, was lodged in his neck.

He had punctured the spinal cord of the terrier and was close to his brain.

Veterinarians from the Small Animal Hospital of the University of Edinburgh at the Royal School of Veterinary Studies managed to extract the needle during surgery in August 2018.

The team used specialized x-ray equipment to control the needle in real time and removed it without an invasive procedure.

"We believe that without the help of the Edinburgh experts, Toby would not be here today," said Alexander Jamieson, its owner.

"The care and attention he received was out of this world and we are delighted to see him return to his old self"

It is not clear how needle It ended in Toby's neck, but the vets suspect he might have eaten it or leaned his head on it.

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"We are very pleased to see Toby recovering health, thanks to the combined efforts of his veterinarians and our teams of specialists here in Edinburgh," said Samantha Woods, senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.

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