It has been seven days since the UK launched its vaccine program. Here’s how it has been going so far.

Medical staff attend a patient in an ambulance on Tuesday, December 15, at the Antrim Area Hospital in Northern Ireland. Liam McBurn / PA / Reuters

Doctors at several hospitals in Northern Ireland were forced to treat patients in the parking lot on Tuesday as the country’s healthcare reached the brink.

Across Northern Ireland, the hospital had a capacity of 104%.

At one point outside the Antrim Area Hospital, 17 ambulances parked patients outside the emergency department.

Wendy Magowan, director of operations at the Northern Trust – a health and social care provider serving 470,000 people in the region – said a patient waited 10 hours overnight in an ambulance in County Antrim.

43 people were waiting in the Antigua Area Hospital and 21 in the Emergency Area at Causeway Hospital on Tuesday morning, Magwan told the UK’s PA media.

He said that out of 400 beds of Antrim Hospital, 100 were already occupied by Kovid-19 patients.

“He is building pressure, we are seeing our Kovid figures increase here at Antrim Hospital,” he told PA.

Day by day we are not starting to see this second boom at all.

The worrying scene comes in the form of First Minister Arlene Foster engaged with other UK political leaders who spoke of the British government’s plan to relax coronovirus restrictions over the Christmas holiday.

No decision to reverse the plans has been made, but the government is facing increasing criticism for doing so from health experts, who have warned that hospitalization on the New Year may match the peak of the epidemic in April Are, unless strict measures are taken.

On 11 December, Northern Ireland emerged from a “circuit breaker” lockdown, where schools remained open, but some businesses in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors were forced to close.

The lockdown did not reduce the infection rate.

Northern Ireland’s Health Minister Robin Swan said he would propose a series of new restrictions to executive aides on Thursday.

486 new cases of the virus were reported in the last 24 hours in Northern Ireland, with six more deaths announced on Tuesday.

1,135 people have died in Northern Ireland since Kovid-19 so far.


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