Issued a stay at home in Cabell County

HUNTINGTON, WVA (WSAZ) – An increase in COVID-19 cases spread by the community has prompted the Cabell-Huntington Health Department to issue a stay-at-home advisory.

A news release from the Health Department said on Thursday evening:

To reduce unnecessary contacts and slow the spread of COVID-19, the Cabell Huntington Department of Health is making the following voluntary recommendations:

  1. Individuals at high risk for severe COVID-19 disease should stay at home.
  2. Family members of high-risk individuals should restrict external contact as much as possible while maintaining physical and emotional family support.
  3. Family ceremonies should be minimized for necessary contact.
  4. All persons able to work from home should consider doing so and all individuals who can safely stay at home should do as much as possible.
  5. Business transactions should be as contactless and secure as possible.
  6. Workers should follow all government-issued guidance regarding work attendance, ie the WV school alert system and all COVID-related security measures.
  7. Workers must comply with all COVID related safeguards.
  8. Consider limiting travel to only travel as necessary.
  9. Plan COVID protection for all upcoming holiday events.
  10. All voters should exercise their right to vote as safely as possible, in line with their desired and available choices.

“Our citizens have taken steps to protect themselves and the people they care for by putting on masks, washing their hands, and seeing distances. They are taking advantage of test opportunities responsibly. They are even gaining record numbers of flu shots to protect themselves. Nevertheless, this COVID-19 car is moving towards the wall. Releasing the news to us, he said, we need to stay focused, keep the steering, but rest on the gas. “Dr. Michael Kilkenny, Cabell County Health Officer.

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