Israel’s Kovid-19 vaccination is a lesson for America

Israel has launched the fastest Kovid-19 vaccination campaign in the world, covering about 20% of the population in three weeks. The small country with about nine million people, New York City — is about to vaccinate the majority of its population by March.

While Israel’s vaccination campaign is relatively straightforward compared to the population required by countries such as the US, with many more who are spread over a more broad area of ​​geography, this effort provides some clear lessons.

Dispatch Small Vaccine Shipment

The Pfizer Inc. -BioNTech SE vaccine must be administered within five days as it leaves the main storage center and within six hours five to six doses are extracted from a vial before adding any diluent.

To counteract that short shelf life and arrive in sparsely populated and isolated areas, Israel — along with Pfizer’s approval — split the company’s 1,000-dose package into small batches of a few hundred each Devised a system for. Workers largely remodeled vials in workstations equipped with freezers.

Israel, like most other countries, is prioritizing medical professionals, with over 60 people and vaccine recipients in high-risk situations. But to ensure that no vial is wasted, authorities have allowed vaccine centers to show that anyone who shows up is given a surplus dose.


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