Israeli pharmacist receives 4 doses of COVID-19 vaccine in vial malfunction: report

A pharmacist in Israel who was allegedly injected with four doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine told news outlets that he feels fine and others for being “optimistic” about the jaw Encourages.

According to the Times of Israel, Maccabi Healthcare Services pharmacist Uday Azizi said, “I have no problem taking four doses again.” “Let’s be optimistic … about the vaccine, the whole situation and maybe the new year.”

This mistake was allegedly to do with the number of doses contained in each Pfizer vial. According to the FDA, after dilution, each vial contains five doses of 0.3 ml per dose.

NEGATIVE COVID-19 has not been tested

Azizi reportedly stated that he was experiencing mild side effects from the jaw such as localized pain and redness at the site of injection. He will still receive a second dose of vaccine in three weeks’ time.

The pharmacist reportedly stated that he felt fine after the accident.

Projects designed by the COVID-19 vaccine, failed technology, and people working on the front line

Israel began its vaccination campaign on Sunday, aiming to have 60,000 vaccinations a day across the country as the virus grows. Health care was the top priority for workers, followed by over 60. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was first vaccinated to set a “personal example”, and the country’s 81-year-old president, Raven Rivlin, also rolled up his sleeves. To receive a dose.

Reports from health centers are increasingly overwhelmed with calls as people complained of not being able to get the vaccine.

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As of Wednesday, Israel prolonged approximately 382,500 cases of coronovirus, and more than 3,100 deaths.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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