Israeli army instructs to prepare for Trump’s strike on Iran: report

Israel’s military is preparing for the possibility that the Trump administration will launch a military strike against Iran, Axios, on Wednesday.

Senior Israeli officials told the outlet that the Israeli government instructed military commanders to be prepared for a possible strike during a “very sensitive time” between the president and the election. Joe BidenJoe Bidenmin Minnesota Meets Biden’s Victory Trump Tells Allies to Forgive Michael Flynn: Report Biden Says Staff Speak to Fauci: ‘He’s Very, Very Helpful’ Takes office on 20 January.

Israel is reportedly preparing with the hope that they will receive advance notice from the US about any military action, but with concerns that such a notification may come very close to the attack.

Israel is also preparing for the possibility of retaliation by Iran directly or through proxies in nearby countries.

The New York Times reported last week that President TrumpDonald John Trumpin Minnesota Certifies Biden’s Victory. Trump Tells Allies To Forgive Michael Flynn: Republican John James Wins More In Michigan Senate Race Was considering a military strike against Iran in an effort to halt Tehran’s growing nuclear program. The International Atomic Energy Agency reported a day earlier that the Trump administration withdrew from 2018 under the Obama-era nuclear deal had 12 times more than the country’s uranium reserves.

Trump reportedly held a meeting in the Oval Office on Thursday to discuss his options, but Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Mike pompeoMichael (Mike) Richard PompeoBiden State Department Picks A Diplomatic Slam Sting Emerging Middle East Among More Challenges Kissinger Biden Tells China Saudi Israel Diplomacy Are to Go Easy on Progress, Christopher Miller, Secretary of Defense and Acting Secretary to General. Get markMark Millie’s top Pentagon official test positive for COVID-19 Khamenei’s adviser says US may spark ‘full war’ with strike, with Biden facing mounting hurdles to redo Iran’s deal is.The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff forbade him against such actions.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz discussed Iran, Syria and defense cooperation with Miller twice in the last two weeks.

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuBenjamin (BB) Netanyahmore Crown Prince met in Saudi Arabia with Mohammed bin Salman. The main topic of the conversation was Iran, Israeli officials told Axios.

Meanwhile, State Department officials told reporters that “all options are in relation to Iran”.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran are over since January, when Trump ordered a drone strike in Baghdad that killed General Qasim Soleimani, commander of Iran’s elite force.

US Central Command chief General Frank McKenzie said last week that Iran’s destabilizing actions continued since 2019 and “have increased in scope and severity”.


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