Samsung Galaxy Dethrones iPhone in Japan


The Galaxy S from Android is based on Android in iPhone. Sort of. The headlines are based on just a week of sale in the last week of October, and they could only represent a fitting demand. The other thing for the Samsung device is the iPhone 16GB and the iPhone 32GB separately, but they were not combined.

The iPhone has been appointed No 1 in the hungry country with the device for over 18 weeks. Samsung hopes to sell 10 million Galaxy S phones by the end of the year. The device with a four-inch screen was launched in U. This summer.

Earlier, Verizon had rumored to sell the iPhone on 9 November after saying that readers had said it seemed likely that the "iconic device" transmitter sent on to Samsung Continuum would start using it. Android. The new Galaxy S device includes bespoke and smaller Super AMOLED screen.

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