Red Dead Redemption 2: PC version Based on rumors only in July at Epic Games

According to rumors, the previous Red Dead Redemption 2, available for use as previous consoles, will be released for PC this summer. However, the game of action should be offered in the Epic Game Store only – not only temporary, but permanent. Among players this continues to be discussed.

It is very careful looking at rumors

First, the Red Red Redemption appeared on 26 October, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which did not affirm or reject the PC version of the Western Adventures's Rockstar Games. Since the game was named, therefore, rumors about the folklore of Portierung, but in the last few months it was quieter. Now, Forum 4Chan is drawing an anonymous post. As a result, the PC version will be published on 22 April, 2019 and will be published on 9 July. He is the Epic game player; other tradesmen should not lead the title, there is no delay.

There are no other indicators, so the statements should be looked at with the actual problem. For any decision anyway, even Borderlands 3 is available at least temporarily through the Epic Games Archive. The publisher 2K Games is also part of Take Two Interactive – as well as the Rockstar Games, as players are in talks on Reddit. At the same time, rumor about 4C was distributed to Borders 3 before the official game was officially announced.

Meanwhile, the Rockstar Clubs are still a female Social Club. As a rule, the developer's games were always available. Accordingly a model would be considered, as Ubisoft appeared at Division 2 or Anno 1800 by then: We have both bought a platform after a full platform at Epic Games.

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