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Nobel Prize vs Otzma Yehudit

The Nobel Prize in economics, Professor Yisrael Oman, has filed a petition urging the president of the Central Election Commission, Judge Chanan Meltzer, to issue a restraining order against Otzma Yehudit's list.

Oman's request refers to an allegedly false message distributed by Otzma's list, alleging that Oman said the list exceeded the electoral threshold.

Oman, represented by lawyer Simcha Rothman of lawyer Rothman & Lev, notes that in a statement distributed by Otzma he also states that he called to vote for the party to help him pass the electoral threshold, supposedly.

The petition says, among other things, "cheating voters in the middle of election day and falsely influencing their voting may constitute an interruption of elections, as defined in the Electoral Law of the Knesset."

To read the complete petition in original Hebrew, click here.

"The President is asked to exercise his authority under the Electoral Law and order respondents to cease any propaganda that uses the petitioner's name and presents it falsely as support. The law and justice must be confirmed in this petition, that It is urgently presented to reduce the false effect of the unfair propaganda of the respondents or on their behalf, "states the petition.

Adv. Rothman added: "The petitioner's presentation in support of a vote for the Otzma Yehudit Party, in stark contrast to his explicit declaration of voting for Yamina, apart from the absolute lie inherent in it, constitutes propaganda that constitutes unjust interference."

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