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Israel found the Gothic room of the Crusaders.

В Израиле нашли готический зал крестоносцев

The castle was built by the German Crusaders.

Archaeologists have found the Gothic room in a medieval castle of Montfort, built 800 years ago in the territory of modern Israel.

This writes the Chronicle.info with reference to rambler.ru.

As reported by Fox News, a Gothic-style ceremonial hall was discovered in the studio of the Montfort cross castle. It is located on the top of a hill in the Upper Galilee in northern Israel.

The castle was built by the German crusaders of the Teutonic order in 1220-s. It was the residence of the Grand Masters. In the summer of 1271, the fortress fell after a brief siege: it took the armies of the Mamluks.

The castle was destroyed by Beybars, a Mamluk sultan of Egypt and Syria, to prevent its re-use as a military fortress.

"The meaning of the findings is that it will help us understand the history of the Crusader castles, their design and architecture," says the president of the society for the study of the Crusades and eastern Latin America, Adrian Boas. In particular, we now know more about the Montfort castle and its architecture. "

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