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Hindu objections Hindutva to the practice of Muslim divorce


Is the Modi government truly candid about the "fate" of Indian Muslim women?

– Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


[“In order to prove that Indian regime indeed cares for Indian women Muslims, a minimum of 20% seats in academic institutions and jobs must be reserved for Muslim women. Also a minimum of 10% seats in the parliament and state assemblies should be reserved for Muslim women and there should at least be one women judge in every court of India”. That is the real empowerment of Muslim women in India which would make difference in community andantino at large”].

For Hindu politicians in Indian political costumes, Hinduism may be a source and cause of instant and perpetual entertainment. As a majority community, they can play as much as they want. Muslims can not have any serious objection. But when the Hindutva leaders use Hindutva as a cheap political resource they use Islam also as entertainment, we have serious objections to that nonsense. The congress-BJP duo that fights for power should not trespass on Islamic territories by misusing some meaningless Muslims.

The Indian national political groups, in particular the Congress and the BJP, the corrupt former officials and the unbelievers who promoted corruption and rampant crimes, continue to play dirty religiously communal politics to obtain their Hindu vows.

The Indian government led by the BJP led the Hindutva parties, on the strength of the Shiite sect of Islam fighting foolishly against the Sunni sect, is on track to make Islam irrelevant possibly by banning it altogether after creating problems for the latter.

The BJP wants the anti-Islam Triple Talaq issue to pass in parliament to show Hindu voters that Triple Talaq has imposed on Muslims to keep the Hindu voters in good moods.

Triple Talaq
The Koran calls nikah or marriage & mithaqan ghaliza & # 39 ;, a strong agreement. Divorce is not a good thing.

Women in Islam are the most protected female population in the world, but anti-Islamic forces try to disrupt tranquility and make women vulnerable to external pressures. The poisonous RSS-BJP group and its secret ally Hindutva Congress, among others, recently "discovered" that Islam in India is against Islamic women and even their own religious.

The Hindutva forces have been working for quite some time to tarnish the image of Islam and to target the Muslims of India and with the power in their hands thanks to the Muslim community in India, now they do everything possible to make them the maximum damage. They have several cases in Indian courts that seek to support the Hindutva ideology and punish Muslims who do not support the RSS-BJP.

This is the misinformation deliberately spread by the lords of the Hindutva media to insult Islam as a terrorist religion without humanity and threaten Indian Muslims, both male and female.

Injustice is committed to women in India not by Muslim men, but by the ruling regime that targets Islam and Muslims. As such, the RSS = BJP that seeks to destroy all the mosques in the country can not be "well-intentioned" of men or women of Islam.

The Triple Talaq Islamic law requires a long divorce procedure if the partners have developed a strong hatred for each other and once simple Talaq is not enough, but three times of talaq they needed to get a divorce so that the partners had enough time and opportunities to reverse their rigid posture and live together again, avoiding unnecessarily separate lives against the wishes of Islam.

There is a clear misunderstanding among non-Muslims about the message of Triple Talaq and some of the anti-Islamic argue on TV channels that Muslims simply say the Triple Talaq instantly once or twice or three times and end the Marriage abruptly. [19659003] That is not the case. If there is a problem with a married couple, the families and the community involved intervene and find a friendly solution. They meet regularly, discuss the issue and finally decide if the divorce is good enough for them. The husband does not pronounce Triple talaq instantly and the problem ends. That does not happen in Islam, such an "instantaneous" thing can happen in other communities.

Islam honors and cares about the sanctuary of marriages and ties to save marriage, even if the couple has serious misunderstandings and crises. As in any other religion, some Muslim men could be dangerous and even criminal types and could harm wives, but that is a criminal case that the court should resolve.

Preferably, the Triple Talaq process could take a few days between them to be able to pronounce the final talaq by relatives and their common supporters.

There could be cases of deviations and such cases should be dealt with severely but using one of these two incorrect cases, if it does, deny the triple talaq philosophy is totally foolish and fanatical.

Duplicates do not become originals. Those who try to disrupt religious laws can not pretend to be the good wishes of Muslim women. Only Islam and Muslim men alone can provide real security for Muslim women.

The Supreme Court has already declared the triple talaq as null and void. It has become the law of the land. So, what is the need for additional legislation in this regard?

Why are they against Islam and Muslims?

It's a pure habit. By nature and in essence, the Hindutva fear and hate Islam, unnecessarily. They should fear God and not Islam. If you fear God, you will not hate Islam or any other religion. That is a fact.

Islam is the most human religion in the world guided by the Holy Quran, but the enemies of Islam around the world try to find fault with Islam and the Islamic faith.

Anti-Islamic forces and media lords We always work to prove that Islam is a terrorist religion where women have no right to live in a society dominated by men and as if every Muslim woman committed suicide due to restrictions imposed by men to their "carefree movements". And so much so that they behave as if more and more Hindu women and ladies of other religions came to Islam to fill the void.

Is that so?

Simple sympathy does not bring adherents to Islam, but true faith in Islam does that.

Hindutva forces not only plan secret communal agendas to obtain Hindu vows for the Hindutva festivals, but also attempt to divide the Muslim community along meaningless lines by declaring that women in Indian Islam have no freedom to enjoy life as they wish. .

Today, the BJP can approve any resolution in both houses of parliament. According to his plan, BJP has passed the triple talaq law in the Lok Sabha.

Are these enemies of Islam really worried about Muslim women? If so, why are you not doing anything about the plight of your own women?

RSS dictates the Indian parliament

As an "historical" Hindu "antihistolic" step, the lower house of the Indian parliament (Lok Sabha) has approved a controversial bill that instantly turns into an illegal triple with up to three years of prison for the husband, a fact acclaimed by the government as "historic".

Congress and its close allies rejoice at the brisk pace of the BJP. The bill was passed after the House rejected a series of amendments tabled by Asaduddin Owaisi of AIMIM and Bhartruhari Mahtab of the BJD. The parliamentarians of RJD, AIMIM, BJD, AIADMK and All India Muslim League opposed the bill, calling it arbitrary in nature. One of Owaisi's amendments saw 241 votes against and only two voted in his favor.

With the BJP deputies behaving like the owners of parliament, the great numerical superiority in the lower house of Parliament was an inevitable conclusion that the BJP could pass the bill without problems. The obstacle of Rajya Sabha should also pass, given the fact that the numbers in the upper house of Parliament also favor the saffron camp. PM Modi is committed to consensus to target Muslims so that the House of Representatives approves the bill while Congress is ready for that. . .

The BJP government argues that the tradition is already illegal in three of the four Islamic schools of thought. The talaq-e-bidat is sanctified only in Hanafi jurisprudence. Hanafi's academics in northern India made it a prestigious issue without deliberating with ulema from other schools of thought and taking a reasonable stance on the issue that ultimately resulted in a bill that makes Muslim men the country into a very vulnerable target.

Criminalize something that did not happen? The BJP, which has used the triple talaq issue instantly for political gain, has simply gone too far in its enthusiasm to make the entire Muslim community appear obscurantist and backward. Many Muslims are seeing the latest bill as a tool to divide the Muslim community. Others claim that the bill was unnecessary because it penalizes an act that can not be committed because it is illegal. Faizan Mustafa, a recognized legal expert, says: "The purpose of criminal law is to prohibit and prevent conduct that unjustifiably and inexcusably inflicts or threatens substantial harm to individual or public interests, since the Supreme Court has set aside the triple talaq, it no longer dissolves the marriage and, therefore, does not cause any harm, it does not threaten the security and well-being of society anymore …

The BJP and its media lords encourage life and the law with the bill the status of Indian Muslim women has been updated and they get full justice.

How? [19659003] Will Indian Muslim women receive anything extra from the Indian regime to guarantee their safety and protection?

Every aspect of Islam It is much better than in other religions, some problems arise in rich Muslim families where women seek more freedom than men, in fact, some women want to be totally free. They and their husbands are afraid to tell them something unpleasant for the sake of family unity.

The bill
The BJP government is determined to meddle in the personal lives of individuals with a new bill on Muslim women. Its objective is to make each citizen behave as he wants and dictates the RSS.

Parliament must decide whether the victims of the triple talaq have fundamental rights or not, the government said after opposition members alleged that it violated the fundamental rights guaranteed by the RSS. Constitution.

With the Supreme Court outlawing the triple talaq, there was really no need to present the bill, criminalize something that can not be done and try to take credit to pass the bill if it does not improve the lot of women Muslim women.

The BJP affirms that it wants to guarantee justice for Muslim women in the country. However, the idea of ​​criminalizing the triple talaq, despite the fact that the country's high court had nullified the tradition, seems rather strange.

Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said during the debate in Parliament: "My appeal is that this bill should not be seen through the eyes of political parties, religion or as a This is for the "honor" of our sisters and daughters, this is for their "dignity and justice." I want to follow the legacy of this house to see that India defends its Muslim "sisters and daughters" whose brothers and children RSS criminals kill for lynching for eating beef or not booing the law & ghar Wapsi & # 39;.

Fulfilling his election promise, the government led by the BJP acted quickly to draft legislation following a Supreme Court order in August, nullifying the practice as unconstitutional, the superior court asked the government to elaborate legislation within six months. "It is a historic day." We are making history today, "said the minister of law. Ravi Shank Prasad to the House after presenting the bill. An important bill that restricted Islamic practices to adapt to the common code was approved in the House in one day and would be passed in the upper house.

The bill must provide justice, security and honor to women. The bill, its framing was flawed and defective. If the proposed law makes the practice of triple talaq illegal and invalid, how can a person be imprisoned for pronouncing & # 39; talaq-e-biddat & # 39 ;?

Members of Congress and the Left were not allowed to talk about the bill. he had not given notice. PS leader Mulayam Singh Yadav was also seen opposing the bill. RSP leader Ramachandran said: "The main apprehension is the excessive enthusiasm of the NDA government led by the BJP." There is a cloud of suspicion.

Supreme AIMIM Asaduddin Owaisi said that Parliament lacks the legislative competence to pass the law. As it violates fundamental rights, making an excavation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Owaisi said that although the bill only talks about abandoned Muslim women, the government should also worry about almost 20 Lakh women of various religions who are abandoned by their husbands , "including our Gujarat bhabhi." "

The BJP government is concerned at least about what Muslim MPs say or do not say. Owaisi's parliamentarian harshly criticized Law Minister Prasad, who as a minister of Union law has failed to discriminate between civil law and criminal law. No Muslim country has a criminal provision. Triple talaq is a form of verbal and emotional abuse, "he said.

Owaisi alleged that the Center was giving an advantage to criminals and that it was not helping the situation." Your dream of having more Muslims in jail will be achieved. . Please send the bill to the Standing Committee. You are forcing a Muslim woman to file an FIR against her husband. He is giving a hand to the Muslim man, who will have 90 days. If you are true to your intentions, create a corpus of 1 billion rupees, "he said.

Although Congress supported the bill, leader Salman Khurshid, a former law minister, said the proposed law is an intrusion in the personal life of individuals, and bring the civil question of divorce to the field of criminal law.

Islam does not want Triple Talaq once or instantaneously but in a process of several meetings, while supporters of BJP / RSS they may want only one Talaq in one to go instantly!

The draft Muslim Women's Law (Protection of Marriage Rights) would only be applicable in the triple talaq or & talaq-e-biddat & # 39; Instant empowers the victim to approach a magistrate seeking "diets" for herself and her minor children.A victim may also seek custody of her minor children before the magistrate.

Religious leadership is guilty. can deny that the Pr Muslim Women's Bill of Rights (Protection of Marriage Rights) 2017 is a turning point for Muslims in independent India. The triple instantaneous talaq, also called talaq-e-biddat, is something that does not go against the very spirit of marriage. But the process must be followed.

The RSS and the BJP are in a hurry as if they did not survive the next general survey. . The fundamental principle of good legislation is the art of leading men to the maximum of happiness and the minimum of misery. A major source of errors and injustices in the legislation are false ideas of its usefulness. The Lok Sabha debates clearly demonstrated that the government has unrealistic hopes for this bill.

The triple talaq should not be penalized since there was no need to do so. "The triple talaq inconsequential, therefore, should not be criminalized The main purpose of criminal law is the" prevention "of an act, if non-criminal means can succeed in preventing this act, the criminal law does not need be used.

The BJP law minister says that if Muslim women do not have justice, this house will give them justice.The triple "instantaneous" destroys the sanctity of this agreement by unilaterally allowing the man to end the marriage in a way Spontaneous, but who triples Talaq instantly? – Non-Muslims as they argue in the community before making a decision.

Although many were not happy, especially the regional and Muslim parties, Congress said it supports the bill but With reinforced protections for divorced Muslim women, he asked that the bill be sent to a Standing Committee, instead of being decided on Thursday. He has protested vehemently but is in jail.

Shortly after approval of the bill passed, Prasad wondered if Parliament could remain silent if the fundamental rights of women were trampled on. He said the legislation was not directed against any religion, but was framed to provide a sense of justice, security and honor to women. He said the law was necessary even after the Supreme Court overturned the practice of & # 39; talaq-e-biddat & # 39; in August. He stated that, as recently as today, a woman in Rampur reported that her husband gave her an "instant" triple talaq for getting up late. That is absolute nonsense.

Why so much noise and few nuts?

What exactly is the Indian government and judiciary talking about the "Triple Talaq"?

Since the ruling of the Supreme Court declaring valid a recent marriage of Hindu girl and Muslim boy that took place in Kerala, Hindutva forces have been on their dirty fingers to take revenge on Muslims.

Marriage must be saved at all costs and separation can be recommended only when the partners can not live together. long.

Is the BJP really the savior of Muslim women? Please do not laugh! The saffron party has gloated over the fact that it has been able to carry out the law that criminalizes the triple talaq and passes it from Lok Sabha. The Union's Minister of Law has said that the government wants to improve the lot of Muslim women in the country. Does the party really want to improve the status of the Muslim woman by sending the husband, usually the only breadwinner in a home to prison for three years?

The triple talaq may have destroyed the lives of a few Muslim women who really suffered, but this was resolved by the Supreme Court verdict that annulled the practice. If the only bread winner in the family goes to jail for committing a crime that can not really be carried out, who will take care of the wife and children.

The woman, after the verdict of the court, will remain his wife despite pronouncing triple talaq. If the BJP was really anxious to see Indian Muslim women develop, as the Union's Law Minister so grandly claimed, his government should have passed legislation that offers a special reserve for Muslim women in work and education. By making sure that the only breadwinner in the family goes to jail, the BJP government in the center has hurt the Muslim woman more, whose interests she says she wanted to safeguard.

The BJP-Congress duo must debate the divorce in vogue in other religions.

Triple Talaq in Islam is the best opportunity for partners to decide on the issue without haste. The triple talaq does not need to be done once and can be done on different days, one after the other, and only the third talaq could allow the divorce to take effect only if both agree.

What is the objection of the enemies of Islam? Why does RSS-BJPP aim for Triple Talaq to get more Hindu votes?

Islam insists on a careful Triple Talaq that allows enough time for the domestic couple to decide their separation if the spouses can not live together anymore. Once divorced, couples can not rejoin as if they felt their divorce error, but for that to happen, women must marry another man before the first husband returns.

So, the Triple Talaq is a safe method to make a correct decision.

But the RSS / BJP and their Hindu children seek only one Talaq and can enjoy life "in its entirety". They want a pronouncement of "only talaq" in secret on the bed to end the marriage bond. Secretly

Muslims want triple talaq only when men and women decide they can not live together.

Three times I would give them the opportunity to think three times before deciding to break up. He or she can say no after Talaq twice.

But the Hindus only want a talaq and break the marriage.

Fools argue stupidly because they are the majority and the media is theirs.

How can the government improve marriage? Many Muslim women in the country?

In order to demonstrate that the Indian regime really cares about Muslim women in India, a minimum of 20% of seats in academic institutions and jobs must be reserved for Muslim women. Also, a minimum of 10% of seats in parliament and state assemblies should be reserved for Muslim women and there should at least be one judge in each Indian court. "That is the true empowerment of Muslim women in India that would make the difference in andantino community in general."

Will patriotic people who claim to be interested in the development of India as a whole do so now? They need to kill or insult the Muslims to obtain the Hindu vows.

One of the worst incarnations of Hindutva is the criminalized dowry system that has harmed not only the majority of Hindu women but also to Muslim women, epic poor sections of the lower strata of the population.

Some of the unhealthy practices in Hinduism / Hindutva have negatively influenced the Muslim community, one of which is the dowry system considered the basis of their economy Men ask for and get large sums along with cars, etc., as a dowry to marry a girl, marriages have stopped and women They committed suicide when some marriages were suspended due to the non-payment of the promised money.

Most Muslims have a painful record. Without enough economic backups, Muslim women have difficulty getting married. .

PM Modi may not be aware of such cruel practices, but the Minister of Law should know.

The Indian parliament must end the threat of the dowry that turns men into parasitic worms. Will PM Modi have compassion for Indian women who are victims of the deadly dowry system and the resulting crimes?

What is the problem in passing laws on the subject and saving all women from injustice in the country? These women undoubtedly also include Muslim women.

But India is in a hurry to fix the Muslim community and probably force them to become Hindus by changing their names. .

Why is the Modi-Hindutva government concerned only with Indian women?

It is a known fact that the Indian regime and media lords hate Muslims and want to fix Muslims and insult Islam.

arranging the Indian Muslims trying to hastily pass a law to cancel the Triple Talaq Islamic policy aimed at saving even a troubled couple.

Now the BJP government wants to free Indian women from the clutches of men and society.

Some wild wolves are concerned about cows that are carved in the rains. Why?

Is it because of the concerns of Islam or women?


With the support of EE. UU., Israel and other anti-Islamic forces, India actively pursues policies to attack the Muslim community, mosques and their faith.

BJP uses Indian women to attack men that Muslim men would use against women. The police and the army would be used to kill Muslims, both men and women, children and Israelis in occupied Palestine. [19659003]


Will the regime guarantee jobs and economic status for Muslim women in India? Will India approve the women's reserve bill? Will India abolish the dowry system as it seriously affects poor Muslim women? The dowry system is bad for Islam and is not practiced in Arab nations or other Muslim nations, but only in India does the Muslim community suffer because of the terrible dowry system. .

Since independence from the United Kingdom, India has actively pursued the anti-Islamic path in a systematic way and most political parties, especially Congress as part of their own hidden anti-Islamic policy, secretly support Hindutva designs. After Ghar wapsi, Beef, lunching, etc. Now the RSS-BJP has touched on a crucial issue of Islamic divorce practices. India states that Saudi Arabia has clarified the issue in favor of Indian Hindutva so that India can buy more oil format.

As the Hindutva party did before the Congress, the BJP government led by Modi is also playing the gallery of Hindutva lords for making politics a mere entertainment in the country and the parliament a forum to keep the lords Hindutva in good moods. The process began as soon as BJP came to power in 2014 by defeating the NDA coalition led by the communal Congress.

Now that the Hindutva criminals are confident that the Muslims will regain their legitimate Babri Mosque, they accelerate their ill-designed agenda against the Muslim community because they are in a gross majority and many parties support their bad government, the Indian Parliament and the state assemblies have your own communal Hindus, etc.

The Triple Talaq is one of the weapons of the enemies of Islam to attack both Muslims and the judiciary. Clearly, the BJP Congress duo is secretly working to defame Islam and even ban the Holy Qur'an by bringing the matter to the Hindutva Parliament that will eliminate anything anti-Islam quickly even without any debate.

The BJP Indian government says they are concerned about the "fate" of Indian women, but not in the true spirit and alleviating the plight of all Muslims under Hindutva rule and their status. In fact, they are less concerned about the plight of Hindu women, but they only wish to insult Islam. Yes, some wild wolves are so worried about cows that they dig into the rains.

They say that Indian Muslim women want the freedom of their husbands but, they argue, Muslim husbands do not allow them to let them do whatever they want to do in the streets.

They want to cheer up the West by saying that Islam is not a good religion, but Hindutva and others are super religions that offer too many freedoms to women to enjoy life freely …

Interestingly, the BJP India gives priority a The status of Muslim women is rather the reserve of women Bill hangs in parliament for decades, affecting Indian women in all aspects. India's policies on liquor laws in relation to liquor and lottery sales, etc. They have harmed women, including Muslim women. But neither Congress nor its secret ally Hindutva BJP bothered to help women who work and suffer because of male domination and their alcoholic behavior.

Interestingly, of all the formations, it is RSS-BJP, rather than the Congress party, which has come forward to protect the status and strength of Muslim women in India, making them legally independent of "dominant" Muslim men "They impose their will on the weakest women.

RSS / BJP now has a majority in parliament and then they are pushing to attack Islam and the Indian Muslims. Even in protecting the Muslim men and women of India has proved to be fanatical.

The issue of the Babri mosque is still pending, but the Indian regime and the judiciary are playing dirty politics with the Muslims. apuntar a los musulmanes y al Islam tan vulgarmente para que la judicatura se doblegue a favor del criminalismo Hindutva. Ahora, las partes y el poder judicial hindú señalan rápidamente a las mujeres musulmanas para apuntar al Islam, a los musulmanes indios y al Islam. .

Los hindúes y otros ciertamente se regocijarían con los desarrollos de Triple, pero aquellos musulmanes que también se alegran del "cuidado" del BJP por las mujeres en el Islam deberían saber que estos elementos derribaron la histórica mezquita Babri de Bharatmata construida por el emperador Babur como parte de la India islámica bienes culturales, no tienen motivos para hacer algo bueno por los musulmanes, hombres o mujeres.

La ley propuesta violaba las leyes personales y fue una movida motivada políticamente. Dada la población de musulmanes en el país, los casos de triple talaq fueron insignificantes. El dúo BJP-RSS está innecesariamente tomando una pistola para matar a un mosquito. Han puesto en peligro la santidad de la Cámara.

Según la ley propuesta, el triple talaq instantáneo en cualquier forma -hablada, por escrito o por medios electrónicos tales como correo electrónico, SMS y WhatsApp- sería ilegal e inválido. Hará que el talaq instantáneo sea castigado con una pena de cárcel de hasta tres años y una multa, y sería una ofensa reconocible, no sujeta a fianza.

El proyecto de ley será enviado a Rajya Sabha para su aprobación antes de ser enviado a el Presidente por firmarlo como ley. Las perspectivas del proyecto de ley en el Rajya Sabha son inciertas ya que el gobierno carece de mayoría y el apoyo del Congreso al proyecto de ley es condicional.

Mañana el Congreso BJP lideró las fuerzas hindúes promulgaría leyes contra el Islam, los musulmanes, las mezquitas, etc.

Los gobiernos del Congreso-BJP que obligan a los empleados musulmanes a renunciar a sus trabajos duramente ganados para posiblemente designar a hindúes en esos lugares vacantes y también se niegan a otorgar pensiones y otros beneficios de jubilación según lo acordado por las administraciones, no pueden ser buenos para las mujeres musulmanas .

A nivel nacional, el régimen indio se comprometió a reconstruir la mezquita de Babri en el mismo sitio donde estuvo durante siglos, ya que el Congreso no ha conservado un importante ejemplo de monumentos culturales mundiales y la unidad hindú-musulmana en el país. o BJP. ¿Cómo pueden los musulmanes esperar que este régimen hipócrita mejore su estatus y cuide a las mujeres del Islam?

Uno no tiene ideas de lo que todo quedó en las bolsas secretas de RSS para ser usado contra los musulmanes y el Islam. El diablo se mueve de maneras misteriosas. Uno debe esperar su siguiente movimiento.

La India sabe bien cómo desviar la atención de la nación y del mundo en general, y puede hacerlo mediante la promulgación de otro drama más grande que la desmonetización. Al aprobar una nueva "ley musulmana", el gobierno del BJP posiblemente haya vetado cualquier posibilidad de que los musulmanes lleven el caso a las bancas especiales de Apex Court.

El Parlamento indio hoy con mayoría Hindutva con respaldo Hindutva del Congreso puede aprobar cualquier ley. Si el BJP decide destruir cada mezquita, el parlamento lo aprobará. Si RSS quiere negar el trabajo a los musulmanes, eso se haría y si quieren matar a todos los musulmanes o destruir las casas y las tiendas de los musulmanes, el parlamento indio daría su consentimiento. Entonces, el dúo del BJP-Congress puede lograr lo que quieran en el parlamento.

El truco de Triple Talaq es solo la punta del iceberg.

Esa es la mentalidad india hindú que sigue al fanatismo estadounidense-israelí como parte de Modelo de odio indio.

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