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Feature: The film festival in Gaza sends a message of peace – Xinhua

by Saud Abu Ramadan

GAZA, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) – Human rights films, produced by Palestinian, Arab and international film directors, will be screened for three days during the Red Carpet Festival for human rights films, which began Monday in the city. of Gaza.

The organizers of the festival said they want to tell the world that "it is enough for 12 years of Israeli blockade and 12 years of internal Palestinian division that left approximately 2 million Palestinians living in a very difficult situation to live."

A huge red banner was placed on top of the entrance door of the theater in the Red Crescent Society building.

Montaser al-Sabe & # 39; a, executive director of the festival, said dozens of films from Palestine, Arab countries and the rest of the world applied to join the festival, adding that 50 films were selected to be screened during the festival .

"The title of this year's festival is 'Bekaffi', which means enough, enough for the continuation of the state of internal division that violated the dignity of the Palestinian and the future of their children," said al-Sabe & # 39; a, and added that "through El cine, we want to tell the world that we want to live a normal life like everyone else".

The audience, who walked on the red carpet and sat in the theater of the Red Crescent Society, expressed their happiness for the festival in the Gaza Strip.

"Between Two Crossing Points," the first film shown on Monday, expressed the suffering of people in the Gaza Strip at crossing points on the border with Israel or Egypt, said Abdul Rahman Husein, director of the film festival.

The director of the film, Ybader Murtaja, who is also a cameraman and filmmaker, was shot dead by the Israeli army in eastern Gaza while covering the anti-Israel marches that started in the eastern Gaza Strip near the border with Israel. March 30th.

Husein said that "the message of last year's festival was to tell the world that the people of the Gaza Strip do not like to die, they love life despite the mbadive destruction caused by the Israeli wars. to enjoy watching movies. " . "

The festival's films also include documentaries and animations. The films will be screened in dozens of schools and cultural centers throughout the Gaza Strip.

Samah Ibrahim, a 37-year-old Palestinian mother and four children from Gaza, said she attended the festival with her children because she had never been to a movie theater before and wanted to join this annual event.

"This event is different for me, it helps people get out of the horrible and miserable situation that people are going through here in Gaza," he said, adding that "I like this festival and the films on the big screens are great." . "

Thirty years ago, there were 10 theaters in the Gaza Strip, but since the beginning of the first Palestinian Intifada or uprising against Israel, which broke out in 1987, the theaters were closed. However, some film directors are now trying to revive the notion of cinema in Gaza.

"I think it is the right of the people of the Gaza Strip to breathe, feel free and see the end of the internal Palestinian division that damaged all aspects of life," said Sa'r Sweirki, one of the organizers of the festival, adding "Our message is so clear that Gaza has the ability to live in peace away from wars and misery."

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