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ChannelLife NZ – Huawei takes out Apple to claim number two in Q218

Huawei finally managed to take down Apple, becoming the second largest smartphone supplier in the world in Q218, sending 54 million devices, 41% more than in the year.

This performance is partly due to the strong sale of its latest flagship, the P20, which exceeded the sale of the launch room of both P10 and P9.

Another great reason for Huawei's success is its sub-brand Honor, which accounted for two-thirds of the almost 16 million jump that Huawei made this quarter.

Samsung remained the main supplier in Q2, but felt the impact of Huawei and others, slipping 8% to 73 million shipments.

Apple fell to the third, sending 41 million iPhones, a mere 1% annual growth.

"Huawei's strategy has evolved significantly in the last six months," says Cbadys Shanghai badyst Mo Jia.

"In spite of not having achieved an badociation of US operators at the beginning of this year, the company has taken a quick turn, moving away from its unit for profitability and focusing instead on finding volume growth in the bottom end Honor, which has long been an important brand in China but relatively small abroad, has played a key role in this strategy. "

The share of honor in Huawei smart phone shipments increased from 24% in 2Q 2017 to 36% this quarter. [19659002] Huawei sent about 4 million smartphones with Honor brand outside of China in the second quarter, representing a year-on-year growth of 150%, albeit from a small base.

"The honor is to quickly build and deploy an independent sales force parallel to Huawei's, taking the brand to new markets and, consequently, democratizing Huawei's flagship technology." His focus on an open market strategy it has made it particularly powerful in the markets of Russia, India and Western Europe, "adds Jia.

"Huawei's own performance, apart from Honor, has also been solid, sending 7 million of its latest flagships, the P20 and the P20 Pro." Huawei has accelerated its adoption of new technologies this year, focusing on artificial intelligence with its NPU chipsets and in images with its triple camera configuration, "says Jia.

" Your efforts have paid off. The P20 and the P20 Pro sold out faster than their predecessors in their launch quarter. Outside of China, the P20 and P20 Pro more than doubled shipments of P10 and P10 Plus. "

Apple's iPhone, with sales of 41 million units for the second quarter, is within its typical range for the second quarter.

Q2 has always been seasonally weak for Apple, "says Cbadys UK senior badyst Ben Stanton.

"While the iPhone X managed to generate volume in the previous quarters despite its high price, it could not maintain that volume This room, but for an Apple flagship, this is normal. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are also losing strength, given the high level of sales in the first quarter, but a rebound in iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, helped in part by the Product Red campaign, was enough to offset this trend. "

Cbadys estimates that Apple sold more than 8 million iPhone Xs in Q2, down from 14 million in the previous quarter.

"The importance of Huawei's overtaking Apple this quarter can not be overstated," adds Stanton.

"This is the first time in seven years that Samsung and Apple do not occupy the first two positions, and the exclusion of Huawei from the United States has forced it to work harder in Asia and Europe to achieve its objectives. Greater momentum in Huawei's Honor and Nova sub-brands maintain its growth rate, Huawei's momentum will obviously affect Samsung, but should also serve as a warning to Apple, which needs to send volume to support its growing service division. 19659002] "If Apple and Samsung want to maintain their position in the market, they should make their portfolios more competitive. "

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