Israel is not a democracy, it is a ‘apartheid regime,’ the rights group says

B’Tselem, which until now has been limited to his work investigating human rights issues in Palestinian territories, has now decided to see what he calls Israel’s “regime” between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean .

B’Tselem said in a new analysis, “More than 14 million people, about half of them Jews and the other half live between Palestine, the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.” From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: It is apartheid. “

The human rights group says that Israel’s traditional view of democracy as a democracy operating simultaneously in a temporary Israeli-occupied territory “imposed on some five million Palestinian subjects … has been divorced from reality.”

“Most importantly, the distinction assumes the fact that the entire region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River is organized under the same principle: one group – the Jews – more than the other – advancing the dominance of the Palestinians and Cementing “B” Tselem said in his controversial analysis.

Years of injustice against Palestinians, the cessation of laws that eliminate discrimination, mean that “Israel’s regime has been met with a bar to label it as apartheid,” B’Tales said.

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The allegation that Israel is a “apartheid state” has often been dismissed as an anti-Semitism to Israelis and their supporting groups. But this argument will become even more difficult now that Israel has been labeled as such by such a prestigious Israeli institution, which has only minority support in its country.

Israel’s embassy in London dismissed the report “not based on reality but on a distorted ideological view”.

“The fact that B’Tselem chose not to present the report for comment to the Israeli government testifies to the fact that it is nothing more than a propaganda tool. Israel rejects the false claims in the so-called report … Israel is a strong and vibrant democracy that gives full rights to all its citizens regardless of religion, race or gender. Arab citizens of Israel are represented in all branches of government – in Israel’s parliament, courts. In (including the Supreme Court), in public service, and even in the diplomatic corps, where they represent the state of Israel worldwide. ”

Over the past decade, concerns have been growing among Israel’s traditional allies, particularly in Europe, that the continued loss of Palestinian territory to the ghettos on the West Coast, which is illegal under international law, is not just a long-term peace process. Was weakening But Israel stands morally.

Those concerns were increasingly brought to attention with 2018’s “Basic Law: Israel – The Nation State of the Jewish People” – which permanently displaced Israel in its constitution as a Jewish state – and Israeli politicians Stronger than the promises of, especially Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to unilaterally link large areas of the West Bank.

In 1967 Israel captured the West Bank and Gaza. The Oslo Accords were first signed in 1993 between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization, which were to lead a “two-state solution” to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. With Israel.

Even after twenty-eight years there is no indication of that result.

B’Tselem argues that Israel has promoted discrimination against non-Jews, but also in the areas under its control.

These include reduced rights for Palestinians living in Israel with Israeli citizenship (17% of the population). The most obvious example, B’Tselem says, is the fact that non-Jews cannot flee to Israel. Palestinians marrying Israel require Israel’s official permission to visit Israel.

On the West Bank, Jewish settlements are constantly under construction, while it is almost impossible for Palestinians to officially obtain permission in areas under Israel’s security controls and “illegal” structures are often bulldozed.

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Freedom of assembly and expression have also been severely closed to Palestinians on the West Bank, the human rights group argues, while it remains largely unrestricted for Jews.

B’Tselem Executive Director Hagai al-Aid: “Israel is not a democracy that has a temporary occupation: it is a regime between the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, and we should look at the whole picture and see it. What is: Apartheid. This enthusiasm to see reality need not be a disappointment, but quite the opposite. It is a call for change. Ultimately, people created this regime, and people can change it. ”

The apartheid system of racial segregation and “segregated development” in South Africa between 1948 and 1994 was designed to define non-whites as “self-governing Bantustans”, stripping them of their citizenship and puppets Were placed under the administration of regimes that resembled unbalanced ink spots. On a map

The Palestinian Authority, established under Oslo, administers the majority of Palestinians on the West Bank, but they largely secede from Israeli-controlled territory in urban areas, and mostly for Jewish residents and other Israelis. Prevent traveling on scheduled roads.

B’Tselem officials said they wanted the international community to “take action” on Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians.

But he refused to pay attention to whether the “action” included calls for international economic and cultural sanctions imposed on apartheid South Africa, before it was overturned by Nelson Mandela’s series of elections in 1994 Get freedom with


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