Israel desperately to restore three-week coronavirus lockdown

Israel will restore strict lockdown measures for three weeks amid escalation in coronovirus cases, prime minister Benjamin NetanyahuBenjamin (BB) Netanyahmore Said on Sunday.

According to the Associated Press, “Our goal is to prevent growth (in cases) and lower morbidity,” Netanyahu said in a national broadcast statement. “I know that this step is a difficult price for all of us. This is not the holiday we use. ”

Restaurants, schools and hotels, among other businesses, begin the Jewish high holiday season beginning on Friday. When Israelis usually hold large family gatherings and pack gatherings, Israelis will face additional restrictions on the movement.

After the lockdown, Israel lifted sanctions in the spring with a long shutdown, which according to Neuswire is credited with bringing down the infection numbers.

According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, Israel reported more than 153,000 coronovirus cases and 1,108 deaths.