Israel Adesania fires after John Edson’s father tweets: ‘Dead or alive, keep my family out of it’

Israel Adesanya could only let John Jones’ Twitter fingers remain uncontrolled for so long.

Despite competing in separate divisions, two UFC stars have been feuding for months, with Adesania sneaking a move to lighten up the heavyweight — or even be the heavyweight where Jones finishes someday — Battle with Jones. Adesania’s successful middleweight championship defense against Paulo Costa last Saturday at UFC 253, followed by Adesanya reiterating that he still wants to “f ** k for John Jones”.

Jones responded by saying that “he would really shed tears.” [Adesanya’s] Weapons off ”if they fought in Adesania on Wednesday with a series of tweets taking shots and followed that.

A comment about Adesanya’s father — who Adesanya said has played an important role in directing his career — seemed to be a nervous striker with “The Last Stylebender” and responded that Jones had “Disappointed who you have become” mother. “

“My platform had already told me how I would beat you,” Adesanya wrote. “Trust me, he knows. Your mother will be disappointed in what you have become.”

Diabetic Jones’ mother Camille died in June 2017.

Sensing a possible counter-argument, Adanya has already followed up her comments about Jones’ mother, offering several reasons to justify her response:

Adanya wrote, “Jones first called me on TMZ, then I replied and here we are.”

“2) Jones brought my family to it. It is my job to keep my family dead or alive out of this cuz.

“He starts it, I always finish it.”

Jones has not yet accepted Adesanya’s response, but below you can read other comments she made before bringing Adesanya’s father Oluwafi and coach Eugene Berman.

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