Isla de Mona’s Treasure Trove of Taino Paintings


Taino rock artLEICESTER, ENGLAND—Hundreds of Taino drawings and work have been found on the distant, uninhabited Caribbean island of Mona, in response to a report in The St. Kitts & Nevis Observer. Archaeologists from the Middle for Superior Research of Puerto Rico, the College of Leicester, the College of Cambridge, and the British Museum discovered the drawings unfold over 30 of the island’s caves, and there are greater than 100 caves nonetheless to be investigated. Preliminary checks counsel a lot of the rock artwork, which depicts mixtures of animal and human faces, and geometric and curvilinear patterns, dates to the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Among the photos have been painted with bat guano that had absorbed naturally occurring yellow, brown, and pink mineral pigments from the caves’ flooring. Plant resin was generally added to the combination to badist it adhere to cave partitions. A lot of the photos have been created by dragging naked fingers throughout the layer of corroded calcite on the cave partitions to reveal the lighter-colored stable rock beneath it. Students badume the island could have been the location of ceremonial rituals that have been maybe fueled by hallucinogens, as described by a sixteenth-century Spanish observer. To learn extra concerning the paintings on Mona Island, go to “Religious Assembly Floor.”

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