ISIS supporter planned machine gun attack on New Year’s Eve in Melbourne


Australian authorities say they have foiled a plot to carry out a New Year's Eve attack by a sympathizer of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in the city of Melbourne.

Police said on Tuesday that Ali Ali, an Australian born Somali parents, tried to point to Federation Square in the center of the city, one of the most popular places to spend the annual celebration in the city.

The 20-year-old from the suburb of the city of Werribee made an appearance in court on Tuesday after being accused of making preparations to commit an extremist attack and collecting documents to facilitate it.

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"What we will argue is that he intended to use a firearm to shoot and kill as many people as he could in the area of Federation Square on New Year's Eve, "said Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton.

"It is a tremendous concern for us that (during) the festive party Also, when people have fun, there is a possible plot to commit a terrorist act, that's a big problem for us, but that's why we put the resources. "

Police accuse Ali of trying to obtain a guide made by al-Qaeda that tells followers how to carry out extremist attacks with lethal weapons, but he was detained before he could buy an automatic rifle. The security services had been monitoring him for months.

"The potential of the attack was catastrophic," said Patton.

[19459099]  11_28_Melbourne_Fireworks Fireworks over the Melbourne skyline and the Yarra River during the New Year's Eve fireworks on December 31, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. Vince Caligiuri / Getty

ISIS has regularly called on its supporters to attack Australia, and the country has foiled several plots of radicalized individuals that authorities believe were inspired by the radical Islamist group.

In August, the Lebanese authorities said they stopped a bomb plot targeting a plane that was flying from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, with the explosive device hidden inside a barbie doll.

Last year, authorities stopped another conspiracy that was looking for Federation Square, this time on Christmas Day. They arrested several men who wanted to use knives, pistols and explosives to kill as many people as possible.

In September 2016, an Australian court sentenced teenager Sevdet Ramadan Besim to 10 years in prison for planning another attack against Melbourne, in an Anzac Day Parade, a commemoration of the landings of the First World War in Gallipoli.

According to reports, he discussed an elaborate plot in which a kangaroo could be filled with explosives, painted with the symbol ISIS and unleashed on police officers.

British Authorities discovered that Besim was in talks with a British teenager who later became the youngest person convicted of crimes related to extremism in the country. He was sentenced to life in prison in October 2016.

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