ISIS expert shocked by online images of Kabul University massacre

A European expert said on Monday that horrifying images of the Kabul University attack were swiftly posted on social media and mark a “shoddy” new ISIS propaganda.

Michael Malav, an assistant professor at Malmö University in Sweden and co-editor of last year’s “The Media World of ISIS”, reacted on Twitter to the dead students’ blood next to their desks and chairs after the photos surfaced Let’s appear in the pool.

“Unbelievable, if I have ever seen a terrorist attack on social media after such a rapid and widespread flood of gruesome visual imagery of victims, as in the ongoing #KabulUniversityAttack,” Crona tweeted.

“Perhaps it has become standard practice to live in Gretsk.”

Crona also tweeted a screenshot Shows recent revisions On a Wikipedia page about “Amaq News Agency”, ISIS’s online promotional outlet.

“#IS supporters are publishing links to IS content, using #wikipedia to spread propaganda, and have edited all of the above articles to be sympathetic to #ISIS religious views,” he wrote.

“Wikimedia and others are constantly blocking and removing, but it is an effective way to promote the Islamic State.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the massacre at the University of Kabul on Monday, where at least 22 people were killed and 22 were injured, many critically.

The bloodshed was the latest in a string of attacks by a radical Islamic militant group, including an October 24 attack on a tuition center in Kabul that killed at least 24 and injured 100.


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