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Isaiah Thomas, Tristan Thompson returns practicing with Cleveland Cavaliers

CLEVELAND – In what constitutes a significant step in the Cavaliers' rehabilitation process, Isaiah Thomas, the two-time All-Star was able to participate in mid-court games 4-on-4 for consecutive days this week. The Cavs, Tyronn Lue, said on Wednesday that

would join the midfield on Wednesday after the Cavs practice before their game against the Sacramento Kings. It was Tristan Thompson, who has been out since November 1 because of a left calf injury.

Lue was encouraged by Thomas' game, saying: "There was contact, it looked good". In Thompson, Lue added that "hopefully" will play this week.

The Cavs travel to play a road game against the Indiana Pacers on Friday, followed by a home game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday.

Thomas, who has not played in an NBA game in nearly seven months after he broke a labral in his right hip prematurely after Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals, is expected to make his debut with Cleveland before the end of the month, according to the team.

When asked if recent developments in Thomas's rehabilitation could accelerate that timeline, Lue said, "I'm not sure."

Thompson, speaking with reporters before the Kings game, said he would let the Cavs medical staff tell him when it's time to play again.

"If they say I'm ready to go, I'm ready," Thompson said. "It's a long season, it's a marathon, not a sprint."

Thompson, whose 'ironman' streak leading the league of 447 consecutive games played ended in April due to a sprained right thumb, has failed 17 straight matches the Cavs.

"I'm always ready to play, even when I got hurt I was always ready to play," Thompson said. "You have to listen to the medical team, and that's their job, that's what they're here to do, to protect us and make sure that when we go out and play we do not run out of trouble or backsliding." When they say I'm ready to play and I'm ready to go, I put back the wine and the gold. "

He then evaded another reporter's attempt to obtain an expected return date.

"I'll be ready to return when the main office and they say I'm ready to go back, yes, to the medical team," Thompson said. "I have to stay in my lane as LaVar Ball said," he added, referring to the father of rookie Lonzo Ball.

Thompson, a seven-year veteran, said he has recalibrated his body's expectations after all the wear and tear. and a tear of his time in the league.

"You're never healthy," Thompson said. "When you play, five years in a row, you will never be 100 percent again, it's out of place, maybe [Cavs rookie] Cedi [Osman] is 100 percent, but he has played a lot of high competition FIBA. it's okay. "

Tristan Thompson has missed 17 consecutive games for the Cavaliers due to a calf injury. David Richard / USA TODAY Sports

Lue said he would like to get more work on the court for Thomas and Thompson, along with Osman, Ante Zizic and other members of the Cavs & # 39; G subsidiary League Canton Charge – before they return to their rotation.

"It went well, I felt good out there," Thompson said of 4-a-4. "I was glad to touch a little contact, so I was excited, I want to play again, I felt like summer."

Early in the day, LeBron James stepped on the brakes at any pressure applied to his teammates. coming back. "There has never been an urgency for any of our guys to have been injured or unable to play to return," James said. "This is not how we do it here, when the men are healthy and ready to go back into the lineup, they will be there, but there has never been an emergency for anyone."

James added that he would know about how well Thompson and Thomas are doing after measuring how their bodies feel on Thursday.

"At the end of the day it's all about the next day," James said. "When they say they feel good the next day after a training session, it's great to know."

James admitted that he has visualized what the Cavs would look like when they are completely healthy, however, thanks to the help of a video game.

"I played a lot 2K," said James. "I've said this before, I play a lot of NBA 2K, it's the most realistic basketball game you can play, I mix and match many lineup changes and things of that nature to see how we can really be good." I've done that. "

How does the video game version of the Cavs compare to James' eyes?

"It looks pretty good," James said. "It looks pretty good."

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